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An Easier Way to Ensure Compliance with State and Federal Guidelines

Our long-term care EHR system includes a uniquely qualified suite of compliance reporting tools to help ensure validation on state and federal regulations within your organization saving your staff time and giving you peace of mind. When your data is easy to access and review, the inspection process gets a whole lot smoother.

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“I’m really impressed with all the enhancements that have made the system more user friendly and save time.  And the support staff has been wonderful and timely getting back to us with answers and explanations.”

Theresa McQuain

Financial Application Specialist
Ethica Health and Retirement Communities

Be Prepared for Surveys

When it comes to inspections, there’s no time to be struggling with a jigsaw puzzle of information. NetSolutions makes your inspections simple and fast and lowers your risk.

  • Mitigate the risks of deficiencies by ensuring your facility is up-to-date, validated, and operating on mandated federal regulations with guidance from our Title 22 and CMS regulation reporting tools.
  • Quickly and easily deliver forms in any variation your surveyor may request.
  • Provide instant electronic access to the information your surveyor needs while limiting access to unrelated data in the system.

Get Instant Access to The Information Your Surveyor Needs

Keep your team agile and focused on your residents instead of scrambling the next time an inspector comes to your facility with a streamlined way to collect and manage your data in our ready-to-output system.

  • Using our EHR software, you can easily identify the current active residents and specific conditions that the residents have, making your 672 and 802 forms a breeze.
  • Easily identify SNF QRP items that surveyors need to see.

Physician Orders

Provide resident conditions and treatments to surveyors.

Care Plan System

Share assessments and diagnoses with your surveyors.

Minimum Data Set

Our MDS 3.0 software’s built-in tools simplify MDS-focused surveys.

Maintain Discretion While Giving Surveyors What They Need

  • Security rights can be given to allow specific access to inspectors to see only what they need to see when providing an overview of patient information.
  • We provide Snapshot Reports in our clinical modules that will cover the care a resident was receiving on specific dates.
  • Dashboard access can be provided to allow inspectors to look at a resident’s current dashboard triggered items.
  • Easily keep track of what your surveyor has viewed and hasn’t viewed and how long they were viewing the material.

Easy-to-Use Multifaceted Reporting

Your surveyor can easily review the 274 Significant Change Matrix report, 672 and the 802 resident roster, census and conditions, and more.

  • Pull any variation of any survey report in seconds whether it be by room number, alphabetical, or time-stamped.
  • The specific format and information needed for an inspection are up to your surveyor. That’s why we provide all of the report variations so you can always provide the needed information.