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Revenue Cycle Management

financial management solutions
Saint Marys


“NetSolutions is much faster on closing our billing month. It used to take three hours, now it takes less than one. It’s remarkable how much faster it processes claims and calculates charges.”

Amy Erdely

Director of Information Technology Saint Marys Home of Erie

Simplify Your Workflows, Maximize Your Reimbursements & Optimize Your Cash Flow

Take the complexity out of managing your RCM process with our fully integrated long-term care financial solutions. Our streamlined tools enhance revenue cycle management through efficient processes resulting in full and timely reimbursement and optimal cash flow. Start saving hours or even days each month while gaining more financial resources to better serve your residents.

Ultimate Configuration

Long-term care isn’t a one-size-fits-all industry and your revenue cycle management software shouldn’t be either. Our financial management solutions are easily tailored to work the way your business works.
  • Automated contract adjustment rules: Eliminate tedious contract changes by setting your facility’s rules to adjust contracts automatically.
  • Accommodate data-sensitive setup: Set up your data the way you need it for your ancillary items, including cost, price, and markup, with an HCPC/CPT code lookup.
  • User-defined billing cycles: Arrange your billing cycles by payor, and on the time frame you need, such as weekly, biweekly, or early bills.
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Claims & Collections

Accurately verifying eligibility and identifying hidden coverages is a time-intensive challenge that can lead to revenue loss. So, we fixed it. Our financial solution automates and expedites payments by electronically confirming resident eligibility with payers including Medicare, Medicaid, and/or commercial insurance. Seamless integration of patient data from your EHR with your financial management solution has never been easier.
  • Get paid faster: Create your claims in the format that your insurance payors require so there is no delay for rejected claims.
  • Advanced Collections Modules: Track the current status of – or actions taken on – receivables, and create collection letters.
  • Supports Medicare Part B Therapy Cap: Including billing with modifiers and tracking the cap by resident. Reports on therapy used and when cap exceeded.
  • Automatically generate Medicare No-Pay and Benefits Exhaust bills according to CMS rules.
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Looking for more financial management tools?

Check out our General Financials system or contact us for more information.