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Hospital, Provider, & Physician Referral Portal For Long Term Care

How The Long-Term Care Referral Portal Works

Complete Referrals In Less Than 30 Minutes


Streamline Your Intake Process

Efficient and accurate evaluations ensure the resident receives the care they need to improve care outcomes and quality.

Improve Your Resident Care

Work closely with hospitals to improve the transition of care between long term care facilities, resulting in better care plans.

Better Growth Opportunities

Generate real-time reports with information such as referral source and volume, placements, and payor mix.

Communicate Faster With Hospitals & Providers

Bi-directional, real-time communication helps you manage transitions of care down to the smallest detail. Messages and alerts are sent directly to your mobile device. Referrals can come from many places but can be sourced and displayed in one place to keep things organized.

Improve Your ADT, Financial, & Clinical Workflows

Aggregate and display all referrals enhancing collaboration between financial and clinical resources to drive appropriate admission decisions. The browser-based system is easy to use and can reduce response times by eliminating phone calls and faxes.

What Our Customers Are Saying

From a clinical liaison position, the Referral Portal has been a tremendous help in making my job easier as well as more time effective as I find the portal application to be very user friendly. One of the best features is the ability to update and change information as needed without having to re-write an entire prescreen. It has helped to cut my report writing time by at least half.
Melissa Brewster, MA, CCC-SLP, Clinical Liaison
Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital

As a Director, the prescreen Referral Portal makes it easy for me to be able to quickly review clinicals and provide feedback to my team and leadership team. With everything being electronic, this has saved so much time for my admissions team because we have a large list of staff that has inquiry access, anytime they want to review clinicals and evals, all they have to do is log in. My admissions department no longer has to send out all the clinicals, updates, and evals daily. I love being in a leadership meeting and a new referral comes in who is ready to admit, all we have to do is log in and APPROVE!!!

Christina Salas, LSW, MSW
The electronic prescreens from the Referral Portal has created several efficiencies. I don’t have to go back and forth to the admissions office all day long reviewing clinicals and approving patients medically. On the weekends, I am able to approve remotely and the portability has been a tremendous improvement. I really like the flow of the completed report and the legibility is a BIG plus!
Revelyn Arrogante, Medical Director
Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital
I’m saving about 90% of my time billing using Experience Care’s software. Now I can simply create an electronic file for Medicaid, whereas in the past I had to manually key in billing for therapy into Omni. All I have to do is create the file and upload it to Ability and bill the electronic file. That saves a lot of my time because I’m no longer keying it in three times.
Jody Grabowski
Patient Accounts, Health Alliance of the Hudson Valley

Less Time On Logistics And More Time On Relationships

Traditional care coordination processes are a logistical time sink where resources and opportunities get lost in translation. Equip your liaison staff with a centralized, electronic platform to reduce errors and lost time. With a simplified pre-admission process, liaisons can spend more time nurturing referral relationships.


Eliminate pre-admission

  • Guesswork
  • Faxes
  • Paperwork
  • Phone tag
  • Data entry errors

Optimize Your Census

With a streamlined, yet comprehensive, method for gathering residents’ records, the Referral Portal helps SNFs optimize their census to build stronger referral relationships, higher star ratings, and most importantly, a healthier community.


Easily spot perfect-fit prospects

Find patients whose needs align with your facility’s unique specialties, leading to higher ratings and more opportunities to improve your quality of care.


Quick access to availability threshold, such as open bed count

Even remote workers can access the facility information to ensure they only admit residents they can properly accommodate leading to improve resident care outcomes and reduces rehospitalizations.


Spot “red flags” sooner

Advanced screening tools within the portal make it easy for liaisons to identify important information in residents’ records, helping them avoid acquisitions that could jeopardize their facility financially, reputationally, or legally.

The Long Term Care & Skilled Nursing Referral Portal utilizes our Data Exchange-Interoperability platform to seamlessly connect to multiple healthcare information systems, creating a powerful, scalable solution.

Forecast Financial Outcomes and Maximize PDPM Reimbursements

Pre-admission interviews can help your facility predict and harness control over its future financial state – but only if your liaisons have the tools to remotely verify payment information and zero in on financial influencers.

As PDPM broadens the lens through which staff must evaluate residents for reimbursement purposes, clinical liaisons need a reliable method to gather a complete resident profile during the pre-admissions process.


The Referral Portal gives you:

  • Predictive insights into resident traits that could impact PDPM reimbursements, such as the presence of comorbidities, prior surgeries, and of course – the primary diagnosis
  • Sets MDS coordinators up for success with all the information they’ll need to optimize and expedite the 5-day MDS assessments, which determine PDPM payment rates for a resident’s entire length of stay

Sharpen Your Marketing Strategy With Data Analytics

By gathering and tracking trends like referral history per facility or physician, long-term care organizations can get a holistic view of their most, and least, active partnerships.

referral history
tracking trends

Analytics insights from the Referral Portal can help your team

  • Spend more time nurturing their symbiotic relationships.
  • Catch and remediate down trends before a reliable referrer drops off over time.
  • Identify and address the reasons for low referrals. With the data to pinpoint which hospitals are not passing many referrals your way, you can uncover the reasons why.

Once you’ve established a process for efficiently accepting best-fit residents and you’ve reaped an uptick in successful clinical outcomes as a result, you’ll have the data you need to prove it to referring entities.

EHR Integrations to Maximize Your Investment

Getting the most out of your technology investment has never been easier. With software connections tailored to your organization’s needs, you can eliminate the duplication of resident data, reduce errors, and securely send and receive data from within your electronic health records platform to help increase staff productivity.

Our tailored EHR solution is a one-stop-shop designed to accurately and efficiently integrate with:

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