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Professional Services

Security and Service Your Team Needs

We’re here to help your staff stay on track with what matters most: quality patient care and efficient financial management. With a Tier 3+ data center combined with a private cloud network and decades of experience, our top-notch IT services for Long-Term and Post-Acute Care is second to none. From enablement to deployment, we are here for you.

Atrium Health


“At Atrium Health, we have been completely satisfied with the technical services. Our issues are addressed promptly and with the requested priority level. Members of the technical team are always timely in answering questions and communicating updates.”

Jamie Rollins

Application Specialist – Continuing Care

Atrium Health

Why Use NetSolutions for Your Technical Services?

Leave the Hosting to the Experts

Your team is too busy to constantly worry about your data. But your data is too important to take chances. That’s why for decades our customers have trusted us with their data security and hosted services.
  • Guaranteed 99% Uptime so you don’t have to worry about lost data and time
  • Geographically Diverse Tier 3+ Datacenters to keep your data secure
  • HIPAA Compliant to avoid unnecessary penalties
  • 24x7x365 Monitoring you can rely on
  • Automated and Scheduled Product Updates so you don’t have to think about it
  • Workstation Configuration Assistance to minimize downtime for setup
  • Remote Assist Options to lend a hand when you need it
  • Disaster Recovery Options to keep your data safe no matter what you face

 Implementation and Migration Support

We provide onboarding support and configuration assistance to ensure your system is set up correctly and aligned to your organization. Our revenue cycle management (RCM) and electronic health record (EHR) support teams provide everything needed to get started quickly, whether this is your first system or the one you’ve had for years.

Assisted Data Migration for a Smooth Transition

We eliminate unplanned delays and extra costs when streamlining your organization with
Data conversion
from legacy systems

Data integration
of current disparate data


Software and
database migrations

 Training and Adoption Support

We work with administrators and nursing leaders to ensure technology and staff are working together to deliver an improved patient experience using our best practice frameworks. Our enablement support service is designed to increase your operational performance and efficiency, resulting in lower readmission, increased confidence in the new systems, and faster time to value for the facility.

Troubleshooting and Support in Case You Run into Issues

Make implementation and adoption across your organization seamless.

We assist with Windows workstation and server support, trouble-shooting, and resolution related to the NetSolutions application.

NetSolutions will help update applications to ensure your systems are always secure and up-to-date without burdening your team.

Simplify Your IT & Accelerate Value

Every long-term care facility has its own needs and existing technologies. We know that no two organizations are the same and that’s why we offer a full range of services that make things easier instead of more complicated.



  • We reduce implementation time with a certified staff to ensure migration and setup are completed without disrupting resident care.
  • We offer migration and implementations for third-party interfaces so you have all the connections you need.

Managed Services

  • Our virtual CIO service for your on-premise IT infrastructure means you always have an expert to lend a hand.
  • We manage and monitor your on-premise IT assets so you never have to worry about anything being overlooked.
  • With remote access from home to your own on-premise IT assets, you can stay connected no matter where you are.


  • We have direct Interfaces with leading 3rd Party Vendors, IHE, and HIE platforms
  • We offer secure mail, web services, and FHIR interoperability
  • Our database backup and geographically diverse disaster recovery options secure your data from the unexpected.

Quality & Compliance Management

Assess your growing organization by evaluating its strengths and opportunities.

Using a best-practices framework tailored for your facility, we offer your leadership team visibility into high-performing areas of the organization and where challenges may exist.

Think of it as a check-up that provides administrators with a roadmap to better ensure staff, processes, and systems are aligned to support current and future priorities. The results include a roadmap to help you adapt your facility to future initiatives, such as adding new staff and adopting new regulatory practices.


Experience Makes The Difference

We’ve been doing this for quite a while and our expertise and commitment to our customers has earned us our reputation for reliability and security. Our Services and Support teams are staffed by experts with more than 200 years of combined healthcare and IT experience. Get the expert assistance you need to ensure your organization stays ahead of regulatory practices and external changes.