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Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician’s Assistants

Streamline Your Processes for Better Data and Better Outcomes

With NetSolutions’ optimized data entry and charting software, your workflow is more efficient and accurate giving you the information necessary to make the best decisions for your residents. With just a few clicks, you can easily complete order entries and physician order reviews allowing for less time charting and more time at the bedside with your residents.

Physicians Nurses Practitioners and Physicians Assistants

Interconnected Systems Simplify Resident Care

With one centralized place for all resident information and a single consolidated record for each, your team can easily and efficiently update charts and share information in real-time.  

  • Connect directly with pharmacies, labs, radiology systems, and other third-party software to send and receive information effortlessly.
  • Real-time data sharing across modules keeps residents’ status, behaviors, medications, and more up-to-date and accurate.
  • Use the configurable dashboards to easily display information with a count of residents affected based on the information you want to track.
  • Review the most up-to-date data with centralized POC documentation and our advanced charting portal.
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Save Time With Data Delivered The Way You Need It

If you’re entering data in more than one place, or you can only see therapy notes by logging into another system, there’s a better way. We help you connect all of the clinical and financial pieces together resulting in one centralized location for everything you need.


The Clinical KPIs Dashboard

The Clinical KPIs Dashboard lets you set your personal preferences so the information you need is always front and center.

eAssignments and Messaging

eAssignments and Messaging alert you to changes in resident conditions so you can stay up-to-date without searching for information.

The Clinical Snapshot

The Clinical Snapshot gives you all the information you need in one place while allowing you to drill down to specific details.
Medication and Treatment Orders Just Got Easier
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All Clinical Information Together in One System

Complete your daily tasks faster, more thoroughly, and with less effort with integrated and easy-to-use systems enabling you to provide care for your residents more effectively, improving resident outcomes and satisfaction.


Physician Orders

Effortlessly share and manage medication and treatment orders

  • Add and edit orders for medications, treatment, lab tests, and x-rays
  • Set up your facility’s standard orders and order sets with their codes in the master page
  • Choose from a lookup list of codes and the software spells out the data embedded in the code to reduce the risk of data entry errors


Ensure timely treatments and medication administration

  • Includes eMAR/eTAR for paperless point-of-service documentation
  • Flag any order to require documentation at the time of delivery through notes shared with the EHR
  • Provides a one-step procedure for holding all medications for a resident

Clinical Decision Support

Medication information when and where it’s needed

  • Easy access to information on medications, including Drug Interactions, Black Box Warnings, Clinical Teaching, Patient Education, and DrugPoints
  • Gives you access to the exact level of drug information needed including dosing, indications, precautions, and more
  • Allergies are treated as contraindications


Paperless process for medication ordering and re-ordering

  • Multiple pharmacy connection options
  • Real-time communication between the facility, physician, and pharmacy
  • One-step process for new orders
  • Recorders are simple with prescription history saved

Care Plan System

Utilize three pre-delivered care plan libraries for a seamless care plan process

  • Select from a list of Suggested Problems triggered by the resident’s MDS 3.0 responses, CAAs, diagnoses, and User-Defined Assessments (UDA)
  • Create individualized care plans by selecting and deselecting multiple items from multiple libraries
  • Includes progress notes, vitals, dashboards, and reporting

User-Defined Assessments

Add your worksheets to the EMR and export data to MDS 3.0

  • Includes more than 100 assessment templates to download, modify, and use
  • Calculate scores, maintain histories, and notify staff of assessed responses
  • Share responses with MDS 3.0 and Care Plan

Interdisciplinary Progress Notes

Access to your residents’ latest information anytime, anywhere

  • Add topics to notes for reference with QA activities, reporting, and MDS completion
  • Set notes for re-use as templates and save for later completion
  • Notes are automatically date-stamped with the author’s ID and can be shown as late

Immunization Record

An easier way to document and track immunizations

  • Document the history of immunizations received by the resident before entering the facility
  • Indicate the resident’s consent or refusal for receiving an immunization
  • Generate a list of residents who need a flu shot for the current influenza season

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboard

Display a record of resident condition changes and identify resident care areas of concern

  • Includes 34 pre-defined KPIs in categories such as census, vitals, care delivery, documentation, and diagnoses

  • Census KPIs include new admissions and hospital readmissions

  • Modify the built-in KPIs on the fly or create your own

Reporting That Uncomplicates Your Data

Your reporting system should support long-term care physicians and nurses like you, not hold you back. Our EHR streamlines critical processes and information so you can experience better care outcomes.  

  • Resident maintenance reports enable you to proactively complete required documentation prior to discharge.
  • Customized reporting helps you stay on top of compliance documentation
  • Easy access to graphing and trending lab studies reports.
  • Monitor resident activity in the dashboard such as meal intake, fluid intake, bathing patterns, and more to optimize care plans, and expedite residents’ progress rates
reporting that uncomplicates
education for you

Education for You and Your Residents

When it comes to long-term care, there’s always more to learn. That’s why we built actionable learning materials to help you and your team provide better care each and every day.  

  • System training videos to help you utilize your NetSolutions software in the most effective way possible
  • Resident education materials help your residents gain the knowledge they need to be active and informed participants in their care
  • Clinical teaching tools help you discuss topics such as medication side effects with your residents
  • Customer information portal, user groups, webinars, and interviews with experts help to ensure you have all your questions answers, stay up-to-date on the latest regulatory changes, and have the support and network you need