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Nursing Leadership

Easily Monitor & Manage Staff and Resident Condition Changes

Effective leadership requires accurate and easy to access information to guide your team and make important decisions for your residents. Our robust EHR software puts the data you need at your fingertips so you can spend less time in front of a computer screen and more time giving your team the guidance they need.

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Everything You Need is Now in One Place

No more searching in different areas of the clinical chart or EMR to find pertinent information. With resident clinical and financial information ready for you the moment you log in, you’ll have more bandwidth to tackle whatever the day brings.  

  • Built-in and configurable alerts and KPI Dashboards effortlessly provide clinical information
  • One centralized place for all the resident information and a single consolidated record for each individual
  • Compliance alerts, reporting, and monitoring at your fingertips keep you informed on what is going on with your staff and residents
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Keep Your Team Up-to-Date with Alerts and Reminders

With alerts and notifications triggered in real-time, you can effortlessly stay up-to-date with your residents’ conditions and your team’s progress.

  • Real-time notifications for resident condition changes, missed medications, and more
  • Automated reminders to help your nurses provide thorough and timely care and documentation
  • Reminders to help drive compliance with state and federal regulations
  • Automatic alerts set to your specifications ensure that you’re notified every time you should be
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Simplify Your Nursing Team’s Processes

With efficient and easy-to-use systems, your nursing team can complete tasks faster, more thoroughly, and with less effort giving everyone more time to spend with residents improving outcomes and satisfaction.


Interdisciplinary Progress Notes

Improve your team’s communication by permitting secure access to accurate resident information anytime anywhere and categorize notes and utilize templates to improve efficiency.


Clinical Decision Support

Evidence-based decision support gives your nurses drug interaction and contraindication information and resident education to help you prevent medication errors and standardize the delivery information to your residents.


Physicians Orders

An electronic medication management system that increases efficiency and accuracy of entering and maintaining orders, improves resident safety and reduces medication errors.


KPI-Driven Dashboards

Easily monitor all resident activity, such as meal and fluid intake and bathing patterns to optimize care plans and drive better outcomes.


Resident & Resource Scheduling

Ensure that your team and your residents never miss appointments with flexible calendars and robust scheduling information.

  • Schedule one-time or recurring appointments and activities for one or many residents
  • Help your team stay punctual with their own individual calendars
  • Manage resources related to appointments such as meeting rooms, equipment, and transportation

Point of Care

Enter, access, and share information with our Point of Care system including ADL, Vital Signs, and supportive care documentation at your fingertips with options for:

  • Touchscreen Kiosk System allows for fast and easy data entry that’s built into resident rooms.
  • Mobile Point of Care charting gives you instant access to chart resident care in real-time from a portable device, anywhere.


Includes eMAR/eTAR for paperless point-of-service documentation updated in real-time with

  • Alerts you to any missed orders before moving on to assist your next resident
  • Timely documentation and oversight with daily charting reports, weekly skin assessments, restorative overviews, and more

Care Plan System

With standardized, yet individualized care plan interventions, your team has what they need, and so do you.

  • Facility-defined care plan content increases standardization and makes it easy to manage care plan conferences
  • Document, report and re-new resolved problems with goals and interventions
  • View and print the problem correlations in a master report

Uncomplicate Your Day With Streamlined Interoperability

Your team doesn’t have time for overly complicated processes. Real-time data sharing across modules and interfaces eliminates the extra effort.  

  • Eliminate redundancies in data entry with data populated across systems
  • Quality assurance reduces charting errors and ensures data integrity by automatically identifying missing entries
  • Easily connect with third-party software such as therapy and pharmacy systems

Improve Your PDPM Scores

Gain visibility into data and population, alleviate administrative burdens, and reduce risk.  

  • Increase reimbursements with color indicators for billing related data
  • Access to ICD-10 libraries and daily reimbursement rates
  • A single click gives you instant access to guides and helpful financial information
  • Point of Care and Disciplinary Assessment import options

Education for Your Team and Your Residents

When it comes to nursing, there’s always more to learn. That’s why we built actionable learning materials to help your team provide better care each and every day.  

  • System training videos to help new nursing staff get up and running quickly
  • Resident education materials help your residents gain the knowledge they need to be informed and engaged in their care
  • Clinical teaching tools standardize your team’s discussions with residents on topics such as medication side effects
  • Customer information portal, user groups, webinars, and interviews with experts help to ensure your regulatory questions are answered, your team is maximizing its resources, and you’re always moving toward the next level in care quality