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Make a Great First Impression With Your Residents

Start a positive relationship with your residents as you plan to continue with a friendly and efficient approach that encourages them to take the next step. This software organizes your facility’s interactions with prospects, sales activities, and referrals and it provides data for evaluation. Customer information flows to NetSolutions at admission, avoiding errors and duplication.

Collect and maintain detailed information on prospective residents from the first contact with NetSolutions CRM. Information categories include preferences for room type and location, payer, and contacts. CRM offers opportunities to customize data collection.

CRM automates customer information for many purposes in Long-Term and Post-Acute Care:

  • Lead generation and follow up
  • Referral source tracking
  • Inquiry and prospect management
  • Marketing programs and campaigns
  • Management of sales process activity
  • Waitlist management
  • Initiation of customer contracts
  • Sales forecasts and analysis
  • Customer experience, service, and retention
  • Donor development

CRM Dashboard gives instant access to client data and indicators

Your CRM Dashboard provides at-a-glance information on opportunities and is a central point for reaching your CRM tools and prospect data.

Sales Tools

The NetSolutions CRM Dashboard keeps you current with important indicators such as Opportunities by Referral Type, by Payor, Sales, and Trends. Sort the data for different views. Open a prospect’s record or a report from your Dashboard.

  • Standardize best practices set by your facility with custom to-do lists and a document library that align sales activities with organizational strategies.
  • Allows Sales and Marketing staff to maintain a to-do list and personalized record of each marketing activity for maximum sales efficiency. The lists are also used to track follow-up activities and lost leads.
  • Maintain waitlists for certain facilities, room, type, and other preferences.
  • Send and track emails to prospects: A document library provides correspondence templates, as well as mail merge and label capability to streamline communications with prospects.

You can upload documents, such as pdfs and photos, to the prospect’s files.


Measure the success of marketing campaigns and track referrals by source with on-demand reports from CRM. Oversee multi-facility staff and track performance with management information from the reports. Reports can be exported to Excel spreadsheets.

Keeping Track of Appointments was Never Easier

Organize appointments with prospects and make the information available to all who have authorization to view.

NetSolutions Integration

When the prospect is ready to register, data collected in CRM flows to NetSolutions Admit Discharge Transfer software where it is used for billing and the EMR (Electronic Medical Records).

Please let your sales representative know if you are interested in our converting data from your current CRM systems for use in NetSolutions CRM.

Detailed Customer Data Maintained and Exported to NetSolutions ADT

Maintain comprehensive information on prospects. Drop-down lists of choices can be customized for your facility’s preferences.