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Maximize Reimbursements and Import Capabilities

NetSolutions Resident Assessment maximizes your ability to import and export data. It imports responses from the NetSolutions applications and through interfaces and it streamlines workflows by exporting data for CAAs, care plans, and billing.

MDS-Focused Surveys Made Easier 

NetSolutions MDS 3.0 software offers built-in tools to assist you with the information requested by surveyors conducting MDS-Focused Surveys. For example, when surveyors arrive you can complete their forms with information from reports, including a listing of current residents in the building on the day of a survey with the Available and Occupied Beds Report. It also shows the resident location and payor type, items that are required for the entrance worksheet.

 You can generate Ad Hoc reports identifying specific items, such as:

  • Restraint use other than side rails
  • Fall with major injury
  • Presence of pressure ulcers
  • Indwelling catheters
  • UTI
  • Antipsychotic meds
  • Extensive Assist with 2 or more for ADLs

Progress Notes Guidelines

NetSolutions Progress Notes guidelines provide users with documentation details. Set up the guidelines to be sure they follow the MDS closely so that all details are considered and documented.

You can set up problems, goals, and interventions in a NetSolutions Care Plan Library to follow facility protocols. The software supports making an individual library for areas of concern, such as wound care, restraints, ADL (especially late-loss ADLs), and psychotropic drug use. An individual library uses the facility and standard protocols that can be individualized.

MDS 3.0 Info Central

Stay organized with the data and tools in the summary page.

Use the links to:

  • Add a new MDS
  • Create an EDS file
  • Open RAI manual
  • Edit and delete assessments
  • Audit an MDS
  • View and print reports

Maximum assistance in completing the MDS 3.0 assessment

We have been meeting MDS deadlines since the MDS began. Based on our deep knowledge of how LTPAC facilities work, we bring you software that delivers the most efficient way to complete assessments. You can rely on your NetSolutions MDS 3.0 software to:

  • Stay current with MDS changes, federal and state
  • Import totals for eight MDS 3.0 sections with data from NetSolutions Point of Care
  • Import data on flu and pneumococcal vaccinations from the Immunization Record
  • Interface with Therapute or Rehab Optima to import days and minutes of therapy for Section O
  • Export data to MDS analysis services including PointRight, eHDS, Team TSI, and CareWatch (optional)
  • Interface with point-of-care vendors including CareTracker, Dart Chart and AccuNurse
  • Combine data from MDS 3.0, ADT/Prospects, and User-Defined Assessments to create reports such as all residents in a certain station, who are patients of Dr. Smith, and use a hearing aid.
  • Share data for PPS billing and care planning
  • Provide security by individual user and groups of users for each MDS section
  • View previous responses for an item as you complete an assessment

Tools for Mastering MDS 3.0

CAA Documentation

NetSolutions for MDS 3.0 gives you online tools to work the Care Area Assessments (CAA) following the 9-step process in the RAI Manual with full documentation including notes added to the EMR. Attach images and scanned files to CAA notes with NetSolutions eDocuments.

When Surveyors Arrive

CMS-672/802 forms are completed for you automatically using MDS 3.0 responses. View the full form on one page. Drill down to view the residents’ MDS responses that triggered items and update them. Get double duty by using the forms to report outcomes of quality assurance activities.

  • Generates valuable on-demand reports including Case Mix Summary, Significant Change, and Assessment History.
  • Produces an unlimited number of combinations with the Assessment Item Analysis report, such as all residents who had a fall and who take hypnotic drugs

Help Where and When you Need It

While you’re working on an assessment you can open a dialog box to see the resident’s responses on a previous assessment, by MDS 3.0 item and date, going back as far as the previous comprehensive assessment. The box can be moved around the desktop for quick reference. Use a link to open the appropriate page of the RAI Manual from the item you are completing.