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MDS Coordinator

A Better Way to Streamline Your MDS Coordination Procedures

Managing and analyzing all the varying forms of data needed to ensure the health and wellbeing of your residents can feel like a juggling act. Our easy-to-use EHR software cohesively integrates all data sets into meaningful interfaces built specifically for MDS coordination.


“Cantata Health’s product was the most effective solution on the market for us to modernize our entire healthcare IT infrastructure within our existing facilities, while also putting in place a scalable solution to support future growth, as plans for a new facility are well underway.”

Gene Grochala

Vice President and CIO Capital Health

Uncomplicate Your MDS Data Collection and Analysis

Stay current with MDS status and status changes with our streamlined platform that pushes all key insights and information pertaining to MDS into a simple-to-read interface.

  • Complete CMS-672/802 and 274 bidirectional integration supported.
  • Import assessments, therapy minutes, vaccinations, and more.
  • Export data for CAAs, care plans, and billing, wherever you need it so you never have to enter information twice.
  • MDS Scrubber Interface supports better discernment when choosing a Plan of Care and maximizing reimbursement.
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Easily Access Resident Information Not Previously or Readily Available

Spend less time managing your data and more time coordinating personalized care for your residents.

  • Pull insights from lab and radiology studies, graphing, and trending activities
  • Identify triggers to simplify CAA documentation and help you stay informed on all aspects of your residents’ behavior.
  • Easily create and complete the MDS 3.0 utilizing quick import information from other areas such as User-Defined Assessments and our Point of Care System.

Systems to Help You Gather and Organize Information

With the right tools, you can better understand your current residents to prepare for their future, and the future of your organization.


Clinical Dashboard

Built-in and configurable KPI Dashboards that feeds you the clinical information you need to know to support effective documentation and decision making.


User-Defined Assessments

Choose from a template library of over 100 assessments or start from scratch and use your own.


Care Plan System

Build and modify facility-defined care plans with our MDS 3.0 Library of pre-established person-centric care plans.


Point of Care

Electronically track care delivery making it easy to collect data about any care activity including CNA/ADLs, Restorative Nursing, Therapy, Mood Observation, Section GG, and more.

Spend Less Time on Data and More Time on Important Decisions

There are only so many hours in the day. Now you can spend less time sifting through data and more time on decisions that matter.

  • Access any part of the clinical chart without having to exit your MDS data entry session.
  • Interdisciplinary documentation supported with Section Z electronic signature options helps you keep track of status and discipline progress.
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A Better Communication and Task Management System for Your Team

Stay connected with your team with unobtrusive real-time communication tools and task management systems.

Send and receive messages amongst staff in any department and location to ensure everyone has the most up-to-date information on every resident.

Assign and manage tasks and to-do lists for yourself and your team to make sure everything stays on schedule and everyone knows their priority order.

Automated alerts and notifications for overdue tasks, resident condition changes, and more.


Easy Reporting for Fast and Accurate Data Consolidation

Analyzing and developing an effective Plan of Care is now easier than ever with our reports and features to track required assessments and timelines.

  • Report on due dates and ADL index/case-mix to built better assessments and gain the insights needed to provide the best care plan for your residents.
  • The MDS 3.0 Item Report helps you achieve financial and operational success in the age of PDPM.
  • Easily access and update the 672/Matrix reports with current information pulled from the MDS and exported into the most recent MDS if entered into the reports.
  • Reports on items track required assessments and timelines.
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