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Licensed Nurses

Monitor, Manage, and Improve Your Quality of Care & Efficiency

You need up-to-date information to make crucial decisions and efficient systems to provide the best quality of care to your residents. With the NetSolutions EHR system and customizable documentation portal, resident clinical information is ready for you the minute you log in.

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Meadowood Nursing Center

“I find NetSolutions easier to use than Cerner or PCC. I am very impressed with how it is laid out and how I can set my own preferences.”

AnneMarie Hosch

Registered Nurse

Vindra – Meadowood Nursing Center

Integrated Systems Make Your Job Easier

With one centralized place for all resident information and a single consolidated record for each, your team can easily and efficiently update charts and share information in real-time.

  • Stay on top of compliance documentation using customized reporting from our database
  • Keep a resident’s status, behaviors, medications, and more up-to-date and accurate with real-time data sharing across modules
  • Improve communication among staff with messaging and alerts
  • Access resident information quickly from any touchscreen, kiosk, or tablet
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Reduce Errors and Save Time with Alerts and Reminders

With alerts and notifications triggered in real-time, you can effortlessly stay up-to-date with your residents’ conditions and do your job more thoroughly in less time.  

  • Real-time notifications for resident condition changes, missed medications, and more
  • Automated reminders to help drive care at the bedside
  • Reduce charting errors: Spot missing entries to help ensure data integrity and remediate oversights
  • Automatic alerts set to your specifications to improve positive resident outcomes
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Uncomplicate Your Progress Notes

Progress notes are the foundation of your documentation, but they don’t have to be complicated. Our Interdisciplinary Progress Notes System makes notes faster, easier, and more accurate.

  • Begin a note with the resident’s name, ID number, and location already entered
  • Save notes to a library and re-use them as templates to save time on writing and formatting
  • Categorize notes for easy retrieval and reporting
  • Charting Guidelines to help document against resident conditions using Evidenced Based Practice

Software To Streamline Your Workflow

With clear and easy-to-use systems, you can complete nursing tasks faster, more thoroughly, and with less effort enabling you to provide care for your residents more effectively, improving resident outcomes and satisfaction.


Clinical Decision Support

Evidence-based decision support gives your nurses drug interaction and contraindication information and resident education to help you prevent medication errors and standardize the delivery information to your residents.


Physicians Orders

An electronic medication management system that increases efficiency and accuracy of entering and maintaining orders, improves resident safety and reduces medication errors.


KPI-Driven Dashboards

Easily monitor all resident activity, such as meal and fluid intake and bathing patterns to optimize care plans and drive better outcomes.


Point of Care

Enter, access, and share information with our Point of Care system including ADL, Vital Signs, and supportive care documentation at your fingertips with options for:

  • Touchscreen Kiosk System allows for fast and easy data entry that’s built into resident rooms.
  • Mobile Point of Care charting gives you instant access to chart resident care in real-time from a portable device, anywhere.


Includes eMAR/eTAR for paperless point-of-service documentation updated in real-time with

  • Alerts you to any missed orders before moving on to assist your next resident
  • Timely documentation and oversight with daily charting reports, weekly skin assessments, restorative overviews, and more

Care Plan System

With standardized, yet individualized care plan interventions, your team has what they need, and so do you.

  • Facility-defined care plan content increases standardization and makes it easy to manage care plan conferences
  • Document, report, and re-new resolved problems with goals and interventions
  • View and print the problem correlations in a master report

Simplify Your Reporting

The advanced reporting capabilities of our Point of Care System help empower better care outcomes and streamline critical processes with features such as:

  • Shift confirmation and incomplete documentation reports: Spot missing entries with visual indicators to help ensure data integrity and remediate oversights.
  • Resident maintenance reports: Proactively complete required documentation prior to discharge.
  • Consolidated care guide: Streamlined care guides with Kardex, Care Plan, and Intervention Reporting.
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Education for You and Your Residents

We know there’s always more to learn. That’s why we built actionable learning materials to help you and your team provide better care each and every day.

  • System training videos to help you utilize your NetSolutions software in the most effective way possible
  • Resident education materials help your residents gain the knowledge they need to be active and informed participants in their care
  • Clinical teaching tools help you discuss topics such as medication side effects with your residents
  • Customer information portal, user groups, webinars, and interviews with experts help to ensure you have all your questions answers, stay up-to-date on the latest regulatory changes, and have the support and network you need