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High-Performance Hosting Services

The Next Generation in Technology and Security for Hosting

Choosing NetSolutions Health Private Cloud Services means providers can focus their resources on their organization. It frees them from maintaining server redundancy and migrations, downtime during software and system updates, backups, disaster recovery, and the costs associated with server upgrades, supporting a server room, and maintaining an appropriate Tier Level.

Atrium Health


“At Atrium Health, we have been completely satisfied with the technical services. Our issues are addressed promptly and with the requested priority level. Members of the technical team are always timely in answering questions and communicating updates.”

Jamie Rollins

Application Specialist – Continuing Care

Atrium Health

Your Technical Selection Criteria for Cloud Services

NetSolutions Health is uniquely able to offer LTC providers a complete hosting solution: a world-class data center combined with a private cloud, and top-notch IT services. We are pleased to provide the following technical information to demonstrate our promise to you.

Tier 4 Electrical Characteristics

Maximum uptime ensured by redundancy of components that meet the requirements of the Department of Defense.

SSAE 16 (SOC1, 2, and 3), ISAE 3402, SysTrust Certified

Our datacenter has passed an audit of controls for operations and operating effectiveness.

Offsite Data Replication

Engineered on high availability infrastructure across networks, servers, and storage gear for both backups and Disaster Recovery failover.

24/7/365 Security

Our datacenter is continuously monitored with advanced technology, armed guards, and no single point of network failure.

Are Private Cloud Services the Right Choice for You?

As you make your decision, these key considerations should be met to your satisfaction.

Savings Built In

When you choose cloud computing from Experience Care, you can start using our solutions without a capital expense for software and server(s). You will have a flat monthly subscription fee that includes the use of your NetSolutions applications.

  • With cloud computing, your facility can be up and running quickly.
  • Servers and additional server resources can be provisioned in seconds.
  • With the elastic computing capabilities of our cloud data center, there is never a need to wait for hardware.
savings built in
unrivaled security

Unrivaled Security

Our premier data center in Atlanta, Georgia, offers unrivaled security. It is engineered with carrier-class uninterruptible and backup power. Fully redundant power supplies connect to multiple power feeds through multiple power-provided substations.

  • Advanced cooling and humidity controls provide continuous environmental controls.
  • Around-the-clock monitoring ensures that all systems are fully operational.
  • A fire suppression system works in collaboration with heat and smoke detection and continuous air sampling.
  • Connected directly to an industry-leading Ipv6-compliant, Tier-one, global IP network backbone, ensuring that your IT systems and applications provide the high performance and response time you require.

Your IT operations and services are protected by multiple layers of defenses in our Data Center.

The engineering and security of our premier data center includes:
  • 24×7 on-site manned technical staff and armed security guards
  • Customer access list; contact-free card system
  • Biometric access for controlled entry and exit
  • Lockable secure cabinets and cages
  • Man traps and other intrusion protection measures multi-factor identification
  • Surveillance cameras and bullet-resistant glass
  • CCTV throughout the facility
  • Security and all environmental components monitored through Tridium BMS that is monitored by local, regional, and national support NOCS
  • Carrier class uninterruptable and backup power
  • Fully redundant power supplies that connect to multiple power feeds
  • Advanced cooling and humidity controls
  • A fire suppression system that works in collaboration with heat and smoke detection and continuous air sampling
  • Around-the-clock monitoring ensures that all systems are fully operational

Software Excellence

NetSolutions Health delivers innovative software and services based on our foresight of future needs and a deep understanding of our customers.

  • Our software was developed with the future in mind.
  • Is certified as LTPAC EHR technology, meeting 2011 criteria.
  • Additionally certified for SNFs.
support systems

Support Systems

Our service operations center is one of our greatest strengths. We fully monitor and manage our private cloud technology 24/7 and offer a single point of contact for infrastructure service support of our clients’ hosted environment. We provide incident, problem, change, patch, release, availability, and capacity management across all your hosted environment.

  • Continuously monitor your system and handle system maintenance for you.
  • Employ monitoring software that tracks each server’s activity.
  • Proactively identify and avoid bottlenecks with your application server and SQL Server environments.
  • Upgrades to the server operating system, database servers, and the NetSolutions system are all included as part of the support package.

Stability & Uptime

The data center provides a full-featured customer Service Level Agreement (SLA). In addition to standard backbone service and network performance commitments, our SLA includes coverage for power as well as temperature and humidity following the recommendations of the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers Technical Committee 9.9.

  • The risk of damage due to seismic activity is mitigated by using design and construction methods in accordance with local seismic building codes.
  • We adhere to building codes and supplement them with capabilities such as isolation platforms and cabling that decouples IT equipment from the building’s structure.
  • The Atlanta, GA, facility is rated to survive extreme winds and a class five tornado.
stability and uptime


“The product was the most effective solution on the market for us to modernize our entire healthcare IT infrastructure within our existing facilities, while also putting in place a scalable solution to support future growth, as plans for a new facility are well underway.”

Gene Grochala

Vice President and CIO 

Capital Health




  • Five utility power feeds from two different substations with diverse building entry and 3 separate power rooms

  • Five ‘A’ feed (primary) UPSs |Three 3-module (N+1) 750 kVA unit | One 4-module (N+1) 2000 kVA unit / One 500 kVA unit

  • Three ‘B’ feed (redundant) UPSs | One 1 module 750 kVA unit | Two 1 module 550 kVA unit | One 4-module 1500 kVA unit

  • Ten 500 kW diesel-powered generators, two strings of 5 generators (N+1 capacity); dual PSSI static switchgear units

  • Four 2 MW diesel-powered generator with static ATS

  • Two on-site fuel storage tanks of 12,000 and 10,000 gallons


  • Redundant cooling towers and Plate Heat Exchanger

  • Multiple pumps (N+1) to circulate water to CRAC units

  • Multiple CRAC units set up in a zone configuration (N+1)

  • 36,000-gallon storage tank to hold make-up water for cooling towers

  • Private well supplies make-up water (well is backed up by city water)


  • 27,000+ sq ft of non-raised floor data center space

  • 30,000+ sq ft of raised floor data center space

  • Secured facility with 24×7 video monitoring and armed security

  • 24x7x365 on-site technical staff

  • Secured access (controlled by a combination of proximity cards and biometric scanners)

General Information

  • ASN: 3595 (Gold) | 16626 (Silver)

  • Company Name: Zayo (Atlanta)


  • Transit: 42 Gbps

  • Peering: 1 Gbps (via AIX)

Atlanta Gold Network

  • Level 3

  • nLayer

  • XO


  • *BGP Optimized

Atlanta Coloblend Network

  • Level 3

  • Zayo

  • XO

  • BGP Optimized