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General Financials

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Saint Marys


“NetSolutions is much faster on closing our billing month. It used to take three hours, now it takes less than one. It’s remarkable how much faster it processes claims and calculates charges.”

Amy Erdely

Director of Information Technology Saint Marys Home of Erie

General Financials Modules

With detailed per patient day cost and revenue data, flexible multi-facility financial options, and intuitive asset management systems, NetSolutions General Financials modules seamlessly integrate into your workflow and your existing systems to make your financials more powerful with less effort.

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Unparalleled Financial Reporting, Projections, & Budgeting

How much time are you spending crunching numbers? With NetSolutions’ General Ledger system, your financial processes just got a whole lot easier. With per patient day statistics and robust reporting options, you’ll always know your numbers without having to dig through spreadsheets.

Per Patient Day 
(PPD) Statistics

With our per-patient day statistics (PPD), budgeting and monitoring profit and loss have a whole new meaning. Create PPD budgets and track performance using payroll and census data from your NetSolutions Accounts Receivable & Billing system.

Easily monitor PPD facility statistics such as:

  • Occupancy rate analysis
  • PPD costs and hours such as nursing staff, food,
    maintenance, laundry, and more
  • Total cost per resident day
per patient delay
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& Projections

NetSolutions’ General Ledger system simplifies budget creation and helps you stay one step ahead with easy-to-use projections. Configure your budgets with options to:

    • Bring forward previous budgets and edit them for the next budget.

Our flexible options give you all of that and more
while maintaining future and historical budgets.

  • Budget monthly amounts or an amount per patient day.
  • Choose the budget method you prefer: manual,
    trend, fixed, or spread.
  • Use Variable Budgeting to budget a fixed amount per month or a per-patient-day amount with the PPD amount multiplied by budgeted or actual days using census data.
  • Create base and alternate budgets.

Our flexible options give you all of that and more
while maintaining future and historical budgets.

Simply Better

With both standard reports and a powerful built-in
financial report writer tool for custom reporting, our
General Ledger report options are second to none. Easily monitor PPD facility statistics such as:

  • Income statements: Budget variance, per-patient day, current and prior, and month-to-month comparison
  • Labor reporting: Per-patient day (current and YTD), month-to-month comparison of PPD hours, and PPD labor cost
  • Resident day reporting: Budget variance
    (current and YTD), month-to-month comparison
  • Ancillary statistical reporting
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Configure Reports
That Work for You

Our user-defined reporting formats give you the flexibility to easily build the reports that incorporate the data you need to see, in the way you need to see it.

  • Multi-facility organizations can handle each facility’s data separately and will appreciate our flexible consolidation and configuration options and facility-comparison reporting.
  • Create monthly comparison reporting across fiscal years, and link or combine multiple reports into one.
  • Multiple formats can be created, saved, and reused, such as statements with different summaries or in alternate account order.

Centralize Your Inter-Company and Multi-Facility Accounting Processes

Managing payables can be needlessly time-consuming if your software doesn’t fully support your workflow. Whether you are a single or multi-facility organization, NetSolutions’ Accounts Payable system has the features that you need to get the job done accurately and with as few clicks as possible.

Cash & Payables Management

With automatic or manual invoice payment options and multiple filtering options, you can set the right criteria to make managing your cash and payables a breeze.
  • Simplify recurring monthly invoices.
  • Import electronic invoices with ease.
  • Process the current month without closing the prior month.
  • Manage early payment discount terms and missed discounts.
cash payables management
powerful invoic and status inquiry tools

An Easier Way to
Manage Multiple Facilities

Finally, you can manage cash & payables without the headache with features that streamline processes for organizations with multiple facilities.

  • Centralized processing of multiple facilities and inter-company accounting.
  • Process one vendor invoice with charges incurred by multiple facilities.
  • Vendor information can be shared across multi-facilities.

Powerful Invoice Status Inquiry Tools

Looking for an easier way to manage inquiries? We give you the flexibility you need to find exactly what you’re looking for in a snap.

  • Vendor & Invoice Inquiry: Quickly answer any question regarding vendor demographics, vendor invoices, invoice details and attachments, invoice distribution, events, and notes. Drill down to invoice payment and partial payment information.
  • Check Status Inquiry: Search for a check by number, date, or vendor and view the check’s status (open, reconciled, stopped, canceled, and void) including the date of change and user who last changed the status.
invoice and status inquiry tools
check processing and reports

Simplify Your
Check Processing and Reports

Processing multiple checks doesn’t have to be tedious. With our robust features, you can complete any type of check processing in a fraction of the time.

  • Print on blank check stock using the MICR font and use standard check formats or custom check formatting.
  • Electronic signatures on checks
  • Electronic positive pay to your bank.
  • Option of printing a check for a one-time vendor
  • Supports electronic payments
  • Annual 1099 form generation and dozens of standard AP and month-end reports.

Interactive Processes to Simplify Accounting for Vital Equipment

Increase accountant productivity, Improve asset tracking and accounting accuracy, and reduce audit expense and risk.

Fixed Assets accounts for vital equipment and assets by using interactive processes, such as online information maintenance, monthly automatic depreciation calculations, and direct integration to General Ledger.

Asset Management
and Inquiry

Assets don’t need to be a pain to manage. With our powerful tools and features, you always have the information you need at your fingertips.

  • Inquiry tool sorts and searches through all assets to find the one you need fast. View all asset information on one page, including depreciation history detail.
  • Use a unique asset tag code, locations, and definable custom fields to identify and track assets
  • Assigns like assets to groups by GL accounts and depreciation methods
  • Multi-facility asset processing and accounting
  • Primary and Secondary (what if) book depreciation schedules
asset management and inquiry
simplified month end process and reporting

Simplified Month-End Processes and Reporting

Now you can preview month-end depreciation transactions, view the month-end journal voucher and fixed asset continuity schedule reports prior to final post to GL. All this and more in just a few clicks.

  • View primary book, secondary book, or both depreciation schedules
  • Seamless post to GL integration
  • Will not allow the current GL period to close before posting fixed assets month-end to GL

Depreciation Methods 
and Reporting

Reports are only helpful when they have the information you need. Choose the reporting options you need with options such as

  • Straight line
  • Straight line half-year
  • Non-depreciating
  • Fixed Asset Continuity Schedule
  • Journal Voucher Report
  • Disposals
  • Depreciation Forecast Reports
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Looking for more financial management tools?

Check out our Revenue Cycle Management system or contact us for more information.