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Electronic Health Records




“Experience Care’s product was the most effective solution on the market for us to modernize our entire healthcare IT infrastructure within our existing facilities, while also putting in place a scalable solution to support future growth, as plans for a new facility are well underway.”

Gene Grochala

Vice President and CIO Capital Health

Long Term Care Software that Saves Hours of Time and Improve Outcomes

The NetSolutions EHR focuses on improving communications and easy access to information through technology. Our EMR software eliminates paperwork and redundant processes reducing errors, non-compliance, and time.

Our EHR offers:
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NetSolutions Software Modules

With dozens of modules to choose from, your EHR can truly be built around the needs of your organization no matter your clinical or financial needs. Explore our EHR modules by category and start building your customized long-term care EHR today.

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Building on a Strong Foundation

The NetSolutions EHR system is built on a strong foundation of core modules. These modules are the backbone of our EHR and serve as the focal point of your long-term care software ecosystem. These base modules are enhanced by our clinical, financial, and operational modules.


Admit Discharge Transfer (ADT)

Centralize all of your resident and census information in a single location

  • Maintain resident information for accurate census and billing
  • Create Continuity of Care Documents to share data electronically with an ADT Snapshot – an online facesheet with links to all resident data
  • Implement the ICD-10 library and maintain advance directives


Manage documents electronically in a single location

  • Upload supporting paperwork from the hospital directly to the EHR
  • Import, view, and delete files without interrupting your workflow
  • Import resident information from the first contact and maintain it for use after registration
  • Import Continuity of Care Documents in the industry-standard format

eAssignments and Messaging

A more efficient form of internal communication with individuals or groups

  • Send and receive real-time messages to and from your team securely
  • Receive automatic alerts triggered by EHR events, census changes, and more
  • Task management system to create, monitor, and communicate about tasks for yourself and your team

Improve Your Quality of Care with
Advanced Clinical Systems

NetSolutions’ suite of robust clinical software options come together to create a powerhouse of information and streamline your team’s data management saving you time and giving you everything you need to provide the best care for your residents.


Physician Orders

Share and manage medication and treatment orders

  • Add and edit orders for medications, treatment, lab tests, and x-rays
  • Set up your facility’s standard orders and order sets with their codes in the master page
  • Choose from a lookup list of codes and the software spells out the data embedded in the code to reduce the risk of data entry errors


Ensure timely treatments and medication administration

  • Includes eMAR/eTAR for paperless point-of-service documentation
  • Flag any order to require documentation at the time of delivery through notes shared with the EHR
  • Provides a one-step procedure for holding all medications for a resident

Clinical Decision Support

Medication information when and where it’s needed

  • Easy access to information on medications, including Drug Interactions, Black Box Warnings, Clinical Teaching, Patient Education, and DrugPoints
  • Gives you access to the exact level of drug information needed including dosing, indications, precautions, and more
  • Allergies are treated as contraindications


Paperless process for medication ordering and re-ordering

  • Multiple pharmacy connection options
  • Real-time communication between the facility, physician, and pharmacy
  • One-step process for new orders
  • Recorders are simple with prescription history saved

Care Plan System

Utilize three pre-delivered care plan libraries for a seamless care plan process

  • Select from a list of Suggested Problems triggered by the resident’s MDS 3.0 responses, CAAs, diagnoses, and User-Defined Assessments (UDA)
  • Create individualized care plans by selecting and deselecting multiple items from multiple libraries
  • Includes progress notes, vitals, dashboards, and reporting

User-Defined Assessments

Add your worksheets to the EMR and export data to MDS 3.0

  • Includes more than 100 assessment templates to download, modify, and use
  • Calculate scores, maintain histories, and notify staff of assessed responses
  • Share responses with MDS 3.0 and Care Plan

Interdisciplinary Progress Notes

Interdisciplinary Progress Notes

  • Add topics to notes for reference with QA activities, reporting, and MDS completion
  • Set notes for re-use as templates and save for later completion
  • Notes are automatically date-stamped with the author’s ID and can be shown as late

Point of Care

Paperless process for charting and tracking care delivery

  • Flexibility in building lists of residents to include in a session so you can chart on every resident for every shift or filter the list
  • Tailor your POC data with user-defined buttons and icons
  • MDS Coordinators can set up future assessment dates including lookback dates

Minimum Data Set MDS 3.0

Maximize reimbursements and import capabilities

  • Display previous responses
  • Import data for medications, demographics, ADLs, diagnoses, therapy minutes, and items correlated with responses in User-Defined Assessments
  • Interface with third-party analysis specialists, such as PointRight, eHealth Data Solutions (eHDS), and Team TSI

Immunization Record

An easier way to document and track immunizations

  • Document the history of immunizations received by the resident before entering the facility
  • Indicate the resident’s consent or refusal for receiving an immunization
  • Generate a list of residents who need a flu shot for the current influenza season

Increase Your Profitability with
Financial Management Systems

Increaing your profitability means more resources are available to provide the best possible care to your residents. Our financial management software options improve your revenue cycle management, increase reimbursements, and stay on top of all of your numbers with less effort.


Accounts Receivable & Billing

Maximum flexibility for resident account management

  • Accurate and automatic billing with profile rules to generate claims

  • Bill multiple residents in one click

  • User-defined billing cycles by payor, such as weekly, biweekly, or early bills

  • Calculates charges and produces bills and reports for the next billing period without closing the current period


Electronic Eligibility Messages - 270 / 271

Ensure eligibility for services to be provided to residents

  • Determines a resident’s eligibility to payers including Medicare, Medicaid and/or commercial insurance

  • Send a 270 message with one click from the NetSolutions Accounts Receivable & Billing module

  • Interprets the response into a readable report that is displayed onscreen in less than 10 seconds


Resident Funds

Set up and track residents’ incoming and outgoing funds

  • Manage multiple fund accounts per resident

  • Batch processing of deposits and withdrawals

  • Capture a resident’s electronic signature for withdrawals

  • Print checks easily


General Ledger

A superior system for financial reporting, projections, and budgeting

  • Bank Account Inquiry Function gives you running balances for each bank account

  • Per-patient-day (PPD) statistics

  • Monthly budget amounts or an amount per patient day

  • Month-end processing automatically imports transactions


Accounts Payable

Centralized processing of multiple facilities and inter-company accounting

  • Quickly access multi-level data by vendor and invoice

  • Process one vendor invoice with charges incurred by multiple facilities

  • Provides inquiry and reporting for projected cash requirements



Facilitate your payroll process and maintain employee information

  • Interfaces with time clock software

  • Supports global pay rate changes and deduction suspension or reinstatement with a “simulate” option to show the impact of changes

  • Job Applicant Tracking maintains hiring information such as demographics, education, referral, interview dates, rating, and status as to veteran and disability

Improve Operational Efficiency

If your operations aren’t optimized, you’re loosing time and money at best, and at worst, you’re missing data that’s crucial to your team’s success. Our operational modules help your organization run smoothly with less effort.


Resident & Resource Scheduling

A quick and efficient way to schedule residents’ appointments and activities

  • Schedule one-time or recurring activities or appointments for one resident or multiple residents
  • Staff members have their own calendar view where you can add, update, and delete appointments
  • Resources related to an appointment such as equipment, transportation, and meeting rooms

Facility Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboard

Display a record of resident condition changes and identify resident care areas of concern

  • Includes 34 pre-defined KPIs in categories such as census, vitals, care delivery, documentation, and diagnoses
  • Census KPIs include new admissions and hospital readmissions
  • Modify the built-in KPIs on the fly or create your own

Insightful Dashboards

Business insights ready for you out of the box or create your own

  • Filter and sort data by one or more factors such as station, facility, and payer
  • Drill down to the source data, such as an individual resident, progress note, or invoice
  • Email alerts for event monitoring, event reminders, and exception reporting