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Data Exchange-Interoperability

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Automated Communication With
 Residents’ Family Members

It’s never been easier for ​residents’ family members to stay up to date with the status and care of their loved ones in long term and post acute care environments. The Secure Data Exchange platform works with the NetSolutions Family Portal to send information such as care plan updates and critical notifications directly to residents’ family members quickly and securely.

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“From a clinical liaison position, the Referral Portal has been a tremendous help in making my job easier as well as more time effective as I find the portal application to be very user friendly.  One of the best features is the ability to update and change information as needed without having to re-write an entire prescreen. It has helped to cut my report writing time by at least half.”

Melissa Brewster

MA, CCC-SLP, Clinical Liaison

Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital

Grow Your Referrals With Our Streamlined Portal

Don’t miss out on hospital or provider referral opportunities because of a time-consuming or insecure referral process. The Secure Data Exchange platform works with the NetSolutions Referral Portal to send referral information quickly and securely to improve transitions of care, reduce response time, and decrease data entry errors.

Critical Alerts and Dashboards

Our connected care network gives residents and providers a better view of resident populations with dashboards and alerts for critical items. Staff can send critical data and notes seamlessly to prevent errors and improve the overall quality of long-term care

Send and receive messages amongst staff in any department and location to ensure everyone has the most up-to-date information on every resident.

Assign and manage tasks and to-do lists for yourself and your team to make sure everything stays on schedule and everyone knows their priority order.

Automated alerts and notifications for overdue tasks, resident condition changes, and more.

EHR Integrations to Maximize Your Investment

Getting the most out of your technology investment has never been easier. With software connections tailored to your organization’s needs, you can eliminate the duplication of resident data, reduce errors, and securely send and receive data from within your electronic health records platform to help increase staff productivity.

Our tailored EHR solution is a one-stop-shop designed to accurately and efficiently integrate with:

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Lab result and X-Ray exchanges to and from other providers.

HL7 connections to allow our solution to seamlessly integrate with any vendor.

HIE connections for securely accessing and sending resident data.

By using our Secure Data Exchange we help provide the most up to date information on your residents by participating in state
 HIEs, Biosureviellence, and Immunization registries.