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Our Mission: To maximize our partners’ financial success and compliance to achieve the best teams, care, and outcomes.

Our Vision: To make every post-acute care and independent living organization a fulfilling place to live and work

What We Do

Our business isn’t technology. It’s helping you improve the lives of your residents, the efficiency of your staff, and the financial success of your business every day. Technology allows us to deliver meaningful solutions with measurable results. Our software is robust in functionality and simple in design making it easy to use so you can focus on what matters the most, offering quality patient care through a healthy, predictable bottom line, without missing a beat.

Back by an experienced support team, our end-to-end clinical, administrative, financial, and analytics tools easily adapt to meet your changing needs for today and tomorrow.

company what we do

Where We’ve Been

A lot has changed since we started setting industry standards as part of NTT Data and Keane. We’ve learned a lot along the way about building better long-term healthcare technology. But one thing that’s always remained constant is our commitment to helping our clients continue to offer their residents the best care possible by running the best businesses possible.

Where We’re Going

We got to where we are today because of experience – decades of it. But, we’re not the kind of company that takes it easy once we find success. Keeping pace with the future of healthcare is our future and yours. We’ll continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what a patient-focused healthcare technology company can be.

Our Team

experience care team
  • The NetSolutions team has a passion for improving patient outcomes and the lives of healthcare workers. With many team members who have been with us for decades, dedication and tenacity are a part of our culture.
  • We are a group of highly innovative individuals flexible enough to pivot to meet the changing needs of our customers and focused enough to maintain momentum until we find the best solutions for them.
  • Our industry focus allows us to put our customers first and we wouldn’t want it any other way. We believe in our product and continually strive to bring innovation, dedication, and compassion into everything we do.
  • We strive to produce strong results for patients and providers while helping our customers improve their financial success so they can provide better care and take their businesses to the next level.


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Jason Long


Jason Long is an innovative problem solver and experienced executive with a proven track record of successfully leading technology businesses from start to scale. His ability to quickly and effectively shift from big picture thinking to focusing on the details enables him to plan and execute robust strategies.

Jason has built, launched, and led multiple multi-million dollar organizations. He has founded businesses in a variety of industries such as agriculture, healthcare, mapping, and real estate. With over 12 years of experience in building healthcare businesses from the ground up, including radiology information systems and healthcare marketing platforms, Jason has extensive experience building technologies that are focused on serving their customers in the best possible ways.

After 20 years in leadership positions in projects and businesses, Jason has come to understand the art of team building. He believes in the power of motivated teams and individuals. In the majority of his ventures, Jason has installed and led collaborative and creative teams in every aspect of the business, managed the execution of complex strategies, and done so while creating positive and driven cultures.

Gina Barrett


With extensive management experience in multiple areas of healthcare including development, staffing, licensing, marketing, and even construction of new facilities, Gina ensures that the NetSolutions products exceed expectations every day.

Through all that she does, her unwavering focus on helping our customers achieve their goals is unwavering. She is constantly developing and implementing new ideas, concepts, and solutions to lead our customers to success.

Gina loves working with an experienced team that embraces the opportunity to tackle challenges and enjoys implementing and managing development processes to drive meaningful product improvements. Whether she’s developing new solutions, setting an effective release cadence, solving complex problems, hosting customer training programs, or motivating the team, Gina’s passion for helping long-term care facilities provide the best possible care for their patients shines through in everything she does.

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Charles Oliver

Charles Oliver

VP of Customer Success

With over 30 years of long-term care service, Charles has a lengthy history of improving the standard of care at facilities and revolutionizing the systems in place. He is skilled in developing competent teams as well as specialty units that address specific populations.

During the course of his time as an LPN, wound nurse, unit manager, MDS (AANAC-certified), ADON, DON, regional consultant, EHR implementation specialist, regional QA 5-star case-mix consultant, and informatics nurse, Charles helped train and advance the careers of countless aides, who went on to become nurses, therapists, MDS nurses, and DONs.

He now brings to Experience Care his expertise in: survey management; staffing strategies; clinical project creation and implementation; clinical systems training and analysis; QAAPI implementation; and EHR development, implementation, and support.

Mason Randall

VP of Development

Many years of experience in healthcare technology and a passion to improve patient outcomes and software usability along with multiple certifications and awards in innovation, project management, and software architecture design have made Mason an integral part of the NetSolutions team.

As the leader of development at NetSolutions practices, to improve efficiency and facilitate customer directed solutions. The latest releases have demonstrated his success through user acceptance increasing substantially and a decrease in support requests.

Mason is always learning about new technologies and exploring start-ups and business ideas to find creative solutions to complex problems and provide additional value to our customers.

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Peter Lewis

Peter Murphy Lewis

VP of Marketing

Originally from Osawatomie, KS, Peter spent 16 years in Chile where he built multiple successful businesses in tourism, became a public speaker and university professor, and starred in a popular television program. Peter joined the NetSolutions team with a passion for solving problems and helping businesses succeed through communication and strategic thinking.

With over a decade of experience as an entrepreneur, Peter’s innovative and collaborative approach to marketing focuses on helping our customers stay informed and improve their organizations so they have everything they need to provide the best possible care to their residents.

Becky White

Project Manager

Becky has been with the company for 26 years. She started in QA and went on to manage the Quality Assurance team, then served as a Regional Customer Service Manager for 3 years. Becky has been a Project Manager for the last 15 years directing all efforts for implementations, including planning of tasks, scheduling of resources, providing estimates and ongoing communication with the client. Prior to working for Experience Care she managed a Bookkeeping office for a Medical Center.

Peter Lewis
gordon dale

Gordon Dale

Director of Project Management

With a lifelong passion for architecture and design, Gordon is drawn to solid aesthetics, purposeful flow, and straightforward functionality, and he brings all of this to his role as director of product management. 
After completing architectural studies with a degree in computer programming, Gordon launched his own company specializing in custom business software solutions, achieving status as a preferred IBM VAR. Selling his business, he became director of development for practice management software designed for physician offices before joining the NetSolutions team. 
With 24 years of management and leadership experience on the NetSolutions team, Gordon sets the highest standards and use of modern technologies for our products. He strives to improve efficiency and intuitiveness in our software and is continuously evolving with the needs of our customers to provide the best care for their residents and to ensure customer success.

Phyllis Helton

Quality Assurance Manager

Phyllis has been with Experience Care for over 29 years. She started working as a Clinical Customer Service and Implementation Representative. Four years later she became the Clinical Customer Service Manager and then moved to Clinical Quality Assurance Lead for the next five years. For the past 15 years, she has been working as the Quality Assurance Manager responsible for delivery of the highest quality software, participating in the design and development throughout the software process. Phyllis has over 40 years of experience working in Long-Term Care.

Peter Lewis
Charles Oliver

Bridget Santagate

Finance Manager

30+ years of bookkeeping and financial administrative support experience. Committed to exceptional customer service