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Maximize Your Operations, Get Industry Tips, Share your Knowledge & Give Feedback On NetSolutions.

In every monthly community user group meeting the group discusses industry issues, operations productivity, system questions, show off new systems, and asks for feature requests to the platform. We invite any NetSolutions user to come join us to learn from your peers and help us improve the project. We look forward to seeing you!

Join The Community

What Can I Expect


Improve Your Organization’s Profitability

Our expert Customer Success team will discuss operational issues including cost containment with the group to help you save money and maximize your financial success.


Learn About Industry Issues & Solutions

We all know that long-term changes every day. CMS never stops, and neither do we. The User Group will help keep on top of industry changes so you can be ahead of the game.


We Listen

At every community group meeting, we listen to your needs and add requests to our product roadmap. The Experience Care team then shows requests fulfilled on a regular basis.


Interoperability Assessment

Do you have other software in place? No problem! Let us show you how we integrate with your third-party systems for a streamlined and hassle-free information flow.

A Reputation Of Excellence