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Batch Processing to Save You Valuable Time.

Case Study

By Dr. Cameron Zargar

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    This Billing Manager is Saving Over 12 Hours Per Month Processing Payments

    Business Problem

    Christine Kluth, the billing manager of Erwin Health Care Center, was spending countless hours processing remittance payments and social security deposits.


    By using Experience Care’s Accounts Receivable module, Kluth can now batch payments together, saving her the trouble of entering multiple payments from the same source individually.


    Each month, Erwin Health Care Center has more than twenty remittance payments and over ninety social security checks to deposit. Without a system that can batch those payments together, Kluth would have to spend about fifteen minutes per remit and about five minutes per check. Those were valuable hours lost each closing period. But Experience Care’s Accounts Receivable module allows Kluth to simply batch those payments together, saving her more than twelve hours a month.


    Work Smarter, Not Harder

    With the limited resources with which long-term care teams have to work these days, every minute is precious. That’s why billing managers like Erwin Health Care Center’s Christine Kluth are constantly looking for ways to eliminate unnecessary work and process payments as quickly as possible.

    This billing manager has found that Experience Care’s Accounts Receivable module allows her to do just that on account of its capacity to batch payments from the same payor. “The batch process available in the software provides a big advantage,” she said. “When I have multiple remits from one source, I can now put them all in a batch and apply it throughout for larger payments, some totaling $50,000 or more.”

    “[Experience Care’s Accounts Receivable module] is saving me about five hours per month on remit payments… And it’s saving me over seven and a half hours per month on processing social security deposits.”

    Christine Kluth, Billing Manager, Erwin Health Care Center

    And how much time is she saving as a result? “It usually takes ten to fifteen minutes per remit, and we have over twenty remits per close,” she said. “So it’s saving me about five hours per month on remit payments.”
    This ability to batch payments is helping with trust fund transactions as well. “Social security checks are also now processed in a batch process,” she said. “And, goodness, I don’t even want to imagine what it would be like doing those individually,” Kluth said of the ninety such deposits she has to process each month. As each deposit requires five or so minutes of work, the result is over seven hours saved per month.

    Why Experience Care?

    So what does Kluth think about Experience Care’s software? “Once you learn to use it, it saves a lot of time and is pretty accurate,” she said. “And I know from my experience working on the floor at the point of care that it’s pretty easy to enter vitals using the software as well.”
    Most of all, though, the billing manager is impressed with the ability of Experience Care’s customer support team to tackle any issue. “If I’m ever stuck, Joan [Smith] is there to help me out,” Kluth said. “Whenever I have a new managed care payor source, I just let Joan know the details and payment amount, and she’ll enter that for me.”

    “If I’m ever stuck, [Experience Care’s support team] is there to help me out”

    And the response time is impeccable. “I don’t even have to call,” Kluth said. “I just email Joan, and a minute later she’s opened up a new ticket and has addressed what I asked of her. She then emails me back, and, boom, it’s done.”
    Kluth gave an example that occurred just recently. “We had an admission that never showed up, but the admission was already put into the system,” she narrated. “So the next day, I needed to cancel the admit but couldn’t do so because it had charges attached to it, even though I couldn’t see the charges. Joan astutely deduced that somebody must have done a point of care on it, so she just deleted the admission for me on her end.” It is that sort of support that helps make the lives of Experience Care’s financial users easier and facilitates processing at long-term care organizations.