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Spring is a season of growth, of renewal, and has an overall positive vibe – don’t you think? We certainly think so and wanted to add to the growth and positivity by enhancing our NetSolutions platform!

Our Spring Release has sprouted up some features that are sure to aid long-term care facilities in providing better care, keep their team happy, and keep their facility healthy.

  • Home Page Dashboards – The new dashboards provide one location for a care provider, administrator, or financial professional to easily and quickly access the information and reports they need to manage their portion of the business, improving care and efficiency.
  • Home Page “My Favorites” Reporting – Allows users to establish quick links to the reports and information that matter most to them. Be it a financial report for the chief administrator or a resident report for the nurse on the floor, the “my favorites” functionality puts the most important reports at your fingertips.
  • Quick Links – Users can establish quick links to the forms most used during the resident care process.
  • Favorite Residents – Allows the care provider to quickly access resident information of patients assigned to them based on shifts, wing/floor, or care needs.
  • More than Scrubbing for MDS – SNF facilities can catch MDS errors before submission, resulting in higher reimbursements and reduced survey citations.
  • Infection Surveillance and Control – Using these tools to improve infection surveillance, you get a broader overview of antibiotic use and meet CMS requirements.
  • Wound Care – With Integrated Wound Care Management through a partnership with WoundRounds, clinicians can now improve care and reduce costs while saving time and labor related to wound care and prevention.

If you would like to learn more about this product’s newest features or see a demo of them, please contact one of our Account Managers and they will happily share further details.