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Experience Care is proud to announce that we are set to launch a new long-term care payroll system in 2024. 

The new payroll system is a standalone product, but it will integrate seamlessly with our General Ledger to help you improve the accuracy and efficiency with which you calculate payroll across the board. The system will provide a great advantage for supervisors responsible for processing and preparing payroll for employees, and it is uniquely designed with the specific regulatory requirements of the long-term care industry in mind.

What a State-of-the-Art SNF Payroll and Assisted Living Payroll System Looks Like 

Some of the features of our new SNF payroll and AL payroll system are: 

View of long-term care payroll system.
View employee metrics, key dates, and more in this intuitive long-term care payroll software.
  • A user-friendly workflow design with advanced grids that allow you to filter items with a simple click
  • Quick access to employee information such as demographics, employment, recurring timecards, taxes, deductions, PTO benefit accruals, regulatory, and direct deposits.
  • Our CareMetrics analytics dashboard with graphs, stats, and widgets representing important payroll KPIs
  • Reporting that allows users to configure customized reports from data grids and export them directly to Excel or PDF

So what does this more intuitive workflow mean? Far greater efficiency. Experience Care’s new payroll system will save users about an entire workday each month and hundreds of clicks. That means extra time to be spent on more important matters and a reduction on the burden placed on your team.

And we’re working hard to make it even better. The Experience Care team continues to make improvements over our previous long-term care payroll software with users in monthly user group calls and webinars in which concerns are raised and addressed before the next call. Plus, we are working closely with customers to identify areas of improvement and gather feedback on functionality to help teams with staffing data submission

View of employee management and employee details in SNF payroll system or SNF HR payroll system.
A glimpse at the easy-to-ease employee management section in our new SNF payroll and AL payroll system.

What to Expect From the New Long-Term Care Payroll System

Experience Care’s new long-term care payroll system, which will be released in 2024, promises to provide a much-needed solution for the long-term care industry’s unique payroll needs. The new system will be sure to streamline the payroll process, save time, and improve accuracy for its users. The highly-anticipated software is expected to be a gamechanger insofar as to how long-term care teams manage payments and important employee data. Further, the more accurate tracking of payments makes it a whole lot easier for organizations to remain in compliance with CMS regulations.

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