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Long-term care leaders know the tough situation the industry has been placed in. They also have an idea of how they would go about addressing some of the biggest problems, like staffing and the growing popularity of nursing home alternatives. But how much more impactful could those various ideas be if they were shared, discussed, and developed by a community of leaders? 

The LTC Heroes podcast has organized a private group for long-term care leaders that not only provides them with a forum for discussion but also invaluable tools and resources designed specifically for decision-makers in the industry. This initiative came about when the host of LTC Heroes, Peter Murphy Lewis, sought to further his efforts to represent those working in long-term care. 

When Lewis began the LTC Heroes podcast, he wanted to give leaders a platform for sharing insights and marketing tips. Soon after, though, he decided to amplify the voices of non-leaders as well. So he began a live stream series, Short Stories From the Frontline of Long-Term Care, to highlight the contributions of CNAs, RNs, LPNs, and even food service and maintenance workers. He was then inspired to become a CNA himself. 

The LTC Heroes Community is Lewis’ most recent effort in facilitating communication among members of the long-term care industry. This private group is absolutely free to join. Further, you or staff members you would like to highlight can request to appear on the LTC Heroes podcast or the live stream at any time. Host Peter Murphy Lewis is eager to highlight any and every long-term care hero. Recent guests whose interviews were posted inside the group include: 

  • Carol Silver-Elliott, the president and CEO of Jewish Home Family (watch here)
  • Dr. David Gifford, the director of the Center for Health Policy Evaluation in LTC at AHCA (watch here)
  • Mark Klyczek, the president and CEO of Virginia Health Services (watch here

And those who join the LTC Heroes Community Facebook group will also gain access to over twenty free tools designed to help leaders improve their systems. These are SOPs and how-tos on topics like:

  • Testing your website’s efficiency 
  • Negotiating your next EHR contract
  • Interviewing staff members
  • Getting to the first page of Google
  • Highlighting the outstanding features of your facility 
  • Managing your MDS coordinator in order to maximize PDPm reimbursements

To join this exclusive group, click here.