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As modern technology continues to evolve, so does the need to improve patient and resident outcomes. One such technological innovation that’s making waves in the post-acute care sector is WoundRounds. Developed by Telemedicine Solutions, WoundRounds is an innovative point-of-care wound management and prevention solution designed to empower nurses to deliver improved wound care in less time.

A nurse using Experience Care's EHR, which comes with WoundRounds integration.
Experience Care’s partnership with WoundRounds promises to improve long-term care and outcomes for residents with wound care needs.

And that advantage in wound management just grew larger, as WoundsRounds has partnered with Experience Care, a renowned provider of long-term EHR software, to integrate its groundbreaking wound care solution with this EHR. Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, needless to say, enhance resident care in long-term care facilities by enabling nurses and other caregivers to provide a higher quality of care, ensuring that vital resident information is recorded, stored, and accessed securely and efficiently.

Needless to say, Experience Care’s partnership with WoundRounds promises to improve long-term care and outcomes for residents with wound care needs. In the sections that follow, we’ll dive deeper into WoundRounds, its functionality, its integration with Experience Care’s EHR, and the impact it’s expected to have on long-term care. But first, let’s look at the role of EHRs in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities.

Wound Documentation Is Easier Than Ever

In the highly-regulated landscape of long-term care, wound management is a core component of senior care. However, traditional approaches to wound care and wound documentation have often proven to be labor-intensive, with nurses having to chart wounds manually and document treatment plans, which can lead to inefficiencies and inaccuracies.

A nurse wrapping a wound in bandages, after checking the patient's wound documentation
WoundRounds provides ease of use in wound care management, enabling real-time care coordination.

Enter WoundRounds. Developed by Telemedicine Solutions, WoundRounds is a pioneering software solution designed specifically for wound management and prevention. Its integration into EHR systems, like Experience Care, is an effort to alleviate these challenges and enhance the wound care process.

So how does WoundRounds work, and what sets it apart?

1. Automated wound management

WoundRounds brings ease of use to wound care management, enabling real-time care coordination. With just a handheld device, clinical data and images can be captured at the patient’s bedside to ensure accurate and comprehensive data entry. This enhances wound charting and documentation while providing the ability to track wound progress accurately and in real-time.

2. Streamlined wound treatment and team communication

With WoundRounds, the wound treatment process is simplified and enhanced. The software prompts best-practice treatment solutions, leveraging clinically validated tools like the Braden Scale for predicting pressure ulcer risk and the PUSH Tool for monitoring wound healing. Data, images, and automatic reports are instantly available for review or sharing with the care team via a secure network.

3. Proactive wound prevention

WoundRounds isn’t just about managing wounds. It’s also about preventing them. The software can identify patients at risk before wounds develop, sort patients by overall risk, and highlight specific jeopardizing conditions. The system automates the Braden Scale for predicting pressure ulcer risk and prompts nurses to deliver patient interventions, making prevention an integral part of the care process

4. Comprehensive wound reporting

Quality and reimbursement reports are readily available at the touch of a button with WoundRounds. The system automates documentation, quality reporting, and reimbursement reporting. Both care teams and executives can access standardized and complete reports instantly, ensuring adequate quality assurance and regulatory compliance. 

These reporting capabilities also ensure that facilities receive prompt and appropriate payment, which improves the reimbursement process. With WoundRounds, facilities enjoy automatic reporting for quality assurance and regulatory compliance requirements, such as MDS reporting.

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How Wound Care Documentation in Experience Care’s EHR Improves With WoundRounds

Experience Care’s EHR is renowned for its robust functionality and adaptability, helping long-term care facilities deliver effective and efficient care. And the recent partnership with WoundRounds means a major leap in its capabilities, particularly in wound care and wound care documentation.

A nurse and a resident analyzing wound care documentation
WoundRounds is seamlessly incorporated into Experience Care’s EHR, creating a unified platform for long-term care providers.

Integrating WoundRounds into Experience Care’s EHR was aimed at amplifying the benefits of an already powerful EHR system. The goal was to offer a comprehensive solution that bridges the gap between general care documentation and specialized wound care, which some systems provide.

WoundRounds is seamlessly incorporated into Experience Care’s EHR, creating a unified platform for long-term care providers to access and manage residents’ records alongside specialized wound care data. This integration was achieved without compromising the user-friendliness and intuitive nature of Experience Care’s EHR interface.

With this, wound documentation is much more seamless, and Experience Care users get to enjoy an EHR system adapted for wound documentation. Nursing staff should explore the available EHR training modules to ensure they can make the most of the software.  

WoundRounds Integration: What Experience Care Users Can Expect Moving Forward

The integration of WoundRounds into Experience Care’s EHR is a significant advancement in long-term care technology. By providing an efficient, comprehensive, and user-friendly solution to wound management, this integration has the potential to reshape how long-term care is delivered.

It’s exciting to consider how this and other similar integrations might shape the future of healthcare, ultimately leading to improved patient care and outcomes. Experience Care users can expect to receive continued support when needed as they adopt the use of WoundRounds in their operations. Make sure to come back to our blog site for further updates on integrations.

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Elijah Oling Wanga