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Migrating to the cloud can seem scary enough. But once you’ve made that decision as a healthcare organization, the often vague HIPAA regulations can be even more cumbersome to manage. At Experience Care, we’ve partnered with cloud hosting organizations to safely migrate your data to the cloud without the hassle. Cloud hosting safeguards your patient data while delivering the healthcare expertise you need to achieve success in the clinical, financial, and operational outcomes.

With specialized healthcare cloud security, you can secure data in ways that are not capable on-premise. For example, there are cloud tools now available that enable polymorphic encryption, where you never have to use the same encryption key more than once. This means your IT staff can secure patient data according to your organization’s unique situation and workloads, which is very different than traditional on-premise ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Plus, with our partnerships, you can assure that your data is always available (99.999%) with redundant systems and proactive maintenance.

In addition to security and safeguards in place, there is another benefit as well to migrating to the cloud. With healthcare environments requiring different workloads for interoperability and other business objectives, there are now additional needs for specialized skills and other resources to enable the use of the cloud. Experience Care and our hosting partner have the healthcare expertise and IT Specialists take care of maintaining servers, performing backups, installing upgrades, and proactive health management. This enables hospitals and clinicians to focus on caring for patients and documenting without waiting for data to load from their on-premise servers. Healthcare organizations need this agility to efficiently face the challenge of delivering value-based care as the need to share data with other facilities is increasing. Healthcare cloud hosting provides the means to handle the massive amounts of data that are growing exponentially in a cost-efficient manner.

Experience Care and our cloud hosting partners making moving to the cloud a reality by removing the risks that prevent its adoption. With our healthcare expertise, we can ensure that your patient data is secure and always available to help improve clinical outcomes.