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Finally, an EHR that can keep up

Automate processes, learn more about your residents, and save your CNAs and nurses from too much time behind their screens.


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Trusted by more than 1000+ long-term care facilities nationwide

Inspirational stories from our satisfied customers

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This billing team is saving over 40 hours a month

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This organization is saving a whole FTE thanks to flexible billing software

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Avoid unnecessary work with batch processing

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Financial EHR designed specifically for PDPM

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Med passes have never been easier

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A four-decade long partnership built on trust


Our products do the heavy-lifting for you

Electronic Health Records

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An EHR that your team will love using

Is a less-than-ideal workflow holding you back?

Try an EHR that thinks like you. Our EHR’s sleek interface will make sure your team can focus on what’s really important: outcomes.

Revenue Cycle Management

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Bill how you like, when you like.

Our RCM system streamlines the billing process to save you both time and energy.

  • Customize payor information to save your team tens of hours a month.
  • Generate statements at any point in the month.
  • Save an entire workday with more accurate census reporting.

Financial Management

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Work smarter, not harder.

Get ahead of the competition with a financial suite that gives you the data you need to make better decisions.

  • Create monthly reports across fiscal years.
  • Utilize flexible consolidation and configuration to compare buildings.

Tired of…

  • A tedious onboarding process?
  • Inefficient training?
  • Costly implementation?
  • Incomplete compliance measures?
  • Entering new payor information every month?
  • Waiting until the end of a billing cycle to make an entry? 
  • Inaccurate census reports?
  • Disjointed and annoying workflows?
  • Increased costs across the board?
  • Weak data gathering capabilities?

… then move to Experience Care and get…

  • Quick and task-focused online training
  • Flexible payment: pay only for the modules you use
  • Customizable payor information
  • Generate statements at any time
  • Run weekly reports to get accurate census information
  • A user-friendly interface
  • 95% of high priority issues resolved within 48 hours
  • 99.99% uptime for hosted clients
  • Better workflow efficiency for all roles

Empowering everyone from CEOs to CNAs

Experience Care platform gives your entire team, from CEO to CNA, the tools they need for their daily tasks. Streamline care documentation, easily capture reimbursements, and manage finances effortlessly to improve workflow efficiency.

See how others have transformed their care

using our all-in-one software solution

chatuge regional nursing home
Brian Free
Clinical IT Specialist at Chatuge Regional Nursing Home
Improve nurse retention by over 25%

Brian Free, a clinical IT specialist at Chatuge Regional Nursing Home, told us how big of a difference it made going from Cerner to Experience Care’s NetSolutions:

Before moving to Experience Care “We would hear residents complain that their nurses are constantly staring at their computer screens, and nurses felt they couldn’t give the kind of care they wanted or have the meaningful interactions that attracted them to long-term care in the first place. They had lost the ability to do that, because of an inefficient and, some felt, very unsafe process.”

After moving to Experience Care “Within the first six months of moving to Experience Care, we were able to bring back 25 to 30 percent of the nurses who had transitioned to acute care, all just because of our new EHR system.”

saint marys home of erie
Mary Burkart
RN RAC-CTA at St. Mary’s Home for the Aged
All your EHR needs under one roof

Mary Burkart - RN RAC-CTA at St. Mary’s Home for the Aged, is impressed with how seamlessly users can move from one part of our software to the other.

Before moving to Experience Care “Previously, we had separate business office software, separate nursing software, and the two didn’t talk. And that’s why we decided to look into [Experience Care].”

After moving to Experience Care “Once I’ve locked those MDSs and signed, sealed, delivered them off to the keys system, the RUGs levels are there for Medicare and automatically fed into the bill. The census automatically goes to the pharmacy, whereas they used to have to send that manually, so there are a lot of advantages to the two talking to each other now.”

chatuge regional nursing home
Brian Free
Clinical IT Specialist at Chatuge Regional Nursing Home
Software designed specifically for long-term care

One of the reasons our software is so much more user-friendly is that our leaders take the time to design the system with customers in monthly user group calls. Here’s what Free had to say on the subject:

Before moving to Experience Care “With Cerner, you’d just have to live with whatever adjustments they made. You would get your footing, and then they would just pull the rug out from under you.”

After moving to Experience Care “It has been a refreshing change to come to a system where the focus is on areas that we need in long-term care. It’s built by people who used it for over a decade, and then it’s worked on by people using it on the floor. We get to work with the design team [in our user groups], and it’s just fantastic. The result is a superior product that is just so much better for everybody.”

providence health plan
Erin Blunt
Clinical informatics specialist at Providence Home and Community Care
Improve compliance by over 25%

Erin Blunt, a clinical informatics specialist at Providence Home and Community Care, was spending hours every week training new nurses on EHR. Then she started using our free online training courses. And, as a result, compliance has gone way up.

“In the building that went from paper to electronic using LevelUp, I can tell you that their compliance with charting is 96 to 100 percent on a daily basis, whereas my other buildings are looking at 60 percent and 70 percent on a daily basis. I’m not kidding. It’s a big, big difference.”

saint marys home of erie
Mary Burkart
RN RAC-CTA at St. Mary’s Home for the Aged
Always be confident you're charting accurately

Before moving to Experience Care “I didn't know if my charting was all that accurate. You just kind of guessed what you wanted to put on the MDS.”

After moving to Experience Care “The functional abilities we submit for our Medicaid people are right there, available for me to look at. If something doesn’t look right, I can investigate and say, ‘Yep, looks like they just hit the wrong button.’ It’s all very convenient and it makes my life easier... It’s all right there.”

What can you do with Experience Care on your side?

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Empower executives with real-time insight into the facility’s finances in one place

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Enable DONs to focus on managing their teams rather than software

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Allow administrators to understand operations more quickly and easily

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Increase survey preparation efficiency

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Facilitate paperless or paper-light processes

Let’s find the right solution for you

Get an EHR that supports your team every step of the way.

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  • Set expectations
  • Share broad overview of clinical and financial needs
  • Discuss workflow areas of improvement
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  • Get clinical and/or financial teams to review
  • Decide which features and modules are needed
  • Send assessment forms and questionnaires
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  • Demo clinical and financial systems
  • Get system and process recommendations
  • Receive an estimate for the modules you select
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  • Check the fine print
  • Examine the detailed responsibility matrix
  • Sign order form
  • Set up training schedule
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  • Achieve optimal utility within 30-90 days
  • Build out KPI dashboard and begin tracking analytics
  • Meet your project manager





Let us be your partner in care

With Experience Care, you’re never left to resolve technology challenges on your own.

  • Get one-on-one support from a customer support team made of clinically-trained LTC experts
  • Speak to the same assigned personal support member on every call
  • Receive award-winning support from our 24-hour support line

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    What are the overall costs and upfront expenses?

    Zero-dollar upfront cost, all training and implementation get distributed over contract length interest-free. Pay just one monthly bill.
    The implementation and training fees are based on the modules you need implemented.

    What sets you apart from your competitors?
    • Best customer service in the market
    • Enable executives with real-time insight into the facility’s finances in one convenient place
    • Empower DONs to focus on managing their teams rather than software
    • Allow administrators to gather data and understand operations more quickly and easily
    • Increase survey preparation efficiency
    • Facilitate paperless or paper-light processes
    How do you train our staff?

    Training is provided through various methods, including a company-specific test system that is set up the same as the live one, in-app training videos, Quick Reference Cards, and the LevelUp training platform for four modules. These resources help ensure that users are trained effectively and efficiently to use the system.

    What does implementation look like?

    Implementation typically involves a structured process that includes kick-off meetings, installation, training, go-live, and post-implementation activities. These steps involve creating a project plan, installing software or hardware, providing training, testing the system, and conducting post-implementation reviews to ensure a successful implementation.

    What happens if a surveyor is in the building?

    When surveyors are in the facility, notify us, and support tickets will take high priority.

    We can help our clients with surveyor logins and making sure their security access is limited to only that which is required. We are on stand-by to assist remotely with running reports or gathering requested data.

    We work together with our clients’ administrative and clinical teams to provide them with the necessary data and tools to monitor and track compliance with clinical documentation and policies in real-time. This helps them stay prepared for surveys.