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A Team-Friendly Referral Portal

Looking for an efficient pre-admissions process? Want to push your facility to the top of hospitals’ preferred provider lists? Is your facility under pressure to move patients?

If you answered “Yes,” ReferralCare—NetSolutions’ Long Term Care and Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Referral Portal—is for you.

Our advanced referral tracking software streamlines the referral process. It gives a single online multi-disciplinary source of information to work through admission assessments and documentation in a flash!

No more outdated and inefficient pre-admissions processes that cost your staff time. No more sacrificing care and poor census. Our referral tracking software is a one-stop shop for pre-admissions.

It’s time to make referrals more manageable, efficient, and accurate.

How Our Long-Term Care
Referral Tracking Portal Works

ReferralCare is a cloud-based system. Here is how the referral tracking software improves processes to provide better care.

  1. The liaison and care coordinator works with their primary referral sources in hospitals. They gather patient information, like patient demographics, medications, and hospital reports.
  2. The referral portal saves all the gathered data.
  3. The clinical liaison conducts an evaluation. They assess the facility’s resources and the resident’s suitability before admission.
  4. The liaison reviews the level of care needed and the expected PDPM reimbursements.
  5. The liaison examines the facts and decides if the facility can accommodate the potential resident.

The biggest perk of Experience Care’s referral portal is greater financial success. By way of better screening and assessment, facilities will see improved census numbers.

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A Data Collection Tool and Referral Program App

The pre-admissions process is your opportunity to understand your residents’ needs thoroughly. Experience Care’s ReferralCare portal supports you by collecting essential data, like medication and the level of care, before you decide to accept a resident. Caregivers can now assess and determine if a potential resident is a good fit for your organization.

ReferralCare uses referral program app technology that works as a long-term care CRM by saving all potential resident information in a centralized location. This cloud-based system gathers relevant data on a potential resident’s:

advanced data collection tool and referral program app

ReferralCare’s portal compiles all pieces of a potential resident’s background information. Your liaison can then assess the data to determine whether they fit your organization well. 

Your liaison will review the following areas:

  • Resources 
  • Devices
  • Capacity 
  • Level of care needed

Who is ReferralCare for? 

ReferralCare is for anyone looking to make data-driven decisions. The technology has built-in reporting and analytics features that give your team a bird’s eye view of the collected data. They can then assess the suitability of potential residents. 

The primary roles that will use our referral portal technology include:

  • Systems coordinator
  • Clinical liaison  
  • Admissions coordinator
  • Administrator
  • Business office manager
  • MDS nurse

Reporting Tools That Save You Money

Want to forecast financial outcomes and manage costs? ReferralCare verifies insurance information and zeroes in on financial influencers. Thanks to data-driven pre-admission assessments, you can now predict and manage your facility’s finances.

You can also maximize PDPM reimbursements with advanced reporting capabilities. ReferralCare shows a complete resident profile during pre-admission. Your clinical liaisons can sift through and check residents for PDPM reimbursements.

Some other key benefits of ReferralCare’s reporting capabilities include: 

Complete Referrals In Under 30 Minutes

ReferralCare’s portal is quick, convenient, and accurate. It reduces caregiver stress by streamlining processes. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual paper processes with these data management improvements:

Never Miss Key Information and Alerts Again

ensure alerts and key information are never missed

This data is automatically sorted and filtered in the worklist. This means that authorized parties can access all referrals. It will also display the necessary documentation to support the referral decision-making process. 

Users can also view, add, and assign helpful alerts to a resident’s case summary notes. This will alert them of relevant information about observations and causes of concern. An example is a patient who has been administered a particular medication, like vancomycin. Caregivers can see how long they have taken this medication and when a stop date was requested. 

Another impressive feature of the case summary notes is the convenient toggle button. This allows users to turn it on and off so the next person in the system is notified using the “important” icon. 

ReferralCare also has a quick form view feature. This expedites the initial data collection process, so your team can gather important information quickly. At a later point, secondary information can be entered as well. This feature lets you decide which fields are required or minimized in your workflow.

The Keys to Success

Experience Care’s ReferralCare portal is a sophisticated tool for financial and referral success. The data management technology and configurations allow long-term care facilities to enjoy the benefits of:

Efficient Communication With Hospitals & Providers

Are you looking for a portal to manage care transitions down to the smallest detail?

Having a cloud to store data is beneficial for several reasons. It allows for bi-directional and real-time communication. This improves communication because caregivers can use handheld devices. They can even send and receive messages and alerts remotely.

Another perk is viewing the appropriate referrals from on-site or off-site locations. That means that caregivers can source and track everything via the cloud. 

Experience Care has also integrated its electronic document management, eDocuments, into ReferralCare. Caregivers can track data like advanced directives and code statuses more easily. They can also pass on relevant information with a few simple clicks.

the keys to success

Streamlined Intake Processes

Efficient and accurate evaluations ensure facilities meet the needs of residents. This improves care outcomes and the quality of care.

Improved Resident Care

Developing closer relationships with hospitals means that caregivers can improve the transition of care. This will allow for better communication and more personalized care plans, ultimately improving resident care.

Improve Your ADT, Financial, & Clinical Workflows

Increase collaboration by displaying and totaling all referrals between financial and clinical resources. This will drive appropriate admission decisions and reduces response times by eliminating phone calls and faxes.

Less Time On Logistics
More Time On Relationships

Traditional care coordination processes are time-consuming and a logistical nightmare. Unfortunately, resources and referral opportunities are often lost in translation. Thankfully, ReferralCare: 

  • Reduces the paper processes and relevant errors
  • Equips your liaison team with a centralized electronic platform 
  • Allows liaisons to nurture beneficial referral relationships
  • Speeds up process times to ensure better care for residents

ReferralCare eliminates guesswork and games of phone tag from your processes. Our direct secure messaging (DSM) allows users to review documentation and data entries. 

You can also receive eDocuments in digital format through DSM. Then it can be uploaded or downloaded straight to ReferralCare. You can review and collaborate once the paper documentation is in the system.

Optimize Your Census

The ReferralCare portal helps SNFs optimize their census. It offers a streamlined and comprehensive method for gathering residents’ records. This builds stronger referral relationships, higher star ratings, and a stronger community. 

Our advanced technology lets you identify the patients that make the most sense for your organization. 

optimize your census

Determine perfect-fit prospects

Our referral portal aligns a resident’s need with your facility’s unique specialties. This leads to higher ratings and increased opportunities to improve your quality of care.

Quick access to the availability threshold

Remote workers can access the site via a tablet or computer. The system is secure and convenient, ensuring only appropriate residents are admitted. It will assess your facility’s human resources and bed availability. This will determine if your facility has adequate means for a resident. This capability provides greater efficiency and resident care outcomes while reducing rehospitalizations.

Spot “red flags” sooner

Use ReferralCare’s detailed screening tools to make faster and better decisions. Your liaisons will thank you when they see how easy it is to access residents’ records. Then they can identify important information and avoid acquisitions and incorrect admissions. All of which can jeopardize your facility financially, reputationally, or legally.