Share Cloud-Based Patient Data for Faster Referrals

ReferralCare is a state-of-the-art cloud-based system that helps you collect vital patient information as a team. It puts demographics, medications, and hospital reports at the fingertips of your MDS coordinator to make faster and better decisions about admissions.

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    Referral Tracking Made Easy

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    forecast your financials and improve compliance

    Better Decisions. Greater Reimbursement.

    Know the resource implications of each potential admission in advance. 

    ReferralCare has been designed with careful attention to how PDPM works. So the data you gather during the assessment can now be used to automatically estimate PDPM reimbursements.

    The result? Maximizing your facility’s reimbursement potential and streamlining the financial planning process. Book a consultation to find out how.

    Predict Your Bottom Line. Improve Compliance.

    Improve the overall financial landscape of your facility to better stay on top of regulations.

    Referral Care moves beyond traditional patient data collection and provides powerful forecasting and management tools. Now you can anticipate your financial outcomes, manage costs effectively, and optimize for PDPM reimbursements.

    You will also gain practical information that assists you in remaining fully compliant with CMS regulations. Contact us to learn more.

    improve your decision making and increase your reimbursements
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    Get the Referrals You Want Faster.

    Efficiency isn’t just about saving time. It’s also how you improve care delivery. By improving staff workflows, ReferralCare makes it a whole lot easier to identify which patients you can help the most.

    Want to improve decision-making, increase reimbursements, and accelerate referrals? Let’s chat.

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