The #1 Revenue Cycle Management Software for Long-Term Care

Effortlessly streamline workflows, eliminate bottlenecks, and maximize productivity with the most-advanced RCM system in long-term care.

Don’t let your hard-earned revenue go to waste by using an outdated billing system. Instead, guarantee optimal cash flow and timely reimbursements with a powerful system customized around your needs.

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    Users Are Raving About Experience Care’s RCM

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    “I’m saving about 90% of my time billing using Experience Care’s software, because I’m no longer keying in items three times. Previously, I had to manually key billing for therapy into Omni. Now I can simply create an electronic file for Medicaid, upload it to Ability, and bill the electronic file.”

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    “Their product was the most effective solution on the market for us to modernize our entire healthcare IT infrastructure within our existing facilities, while also putting us in place with a scalable solution to support future growth.”

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    “We have been completely satisfied with the technical services. Our issues are addressed promptly and with the requested priority level. Members of the technical team are always timely in answering questions and communicating updates.”


    Save up to 90% of
    your billing time.


    Billing software
    that grows with you.

    Customer Support

    Around-the-clock customer support from qualified experts

    maximize resources and simplify your workflows

    Maximize Resources. Simplify Workflows.

    Efficiency beyond what you’ve ever seen before.

    Use long-term care Revenue Cycle Management system that supports your staff with user-friendly interfaces and customizable features.

    Stop leaving money on the table. Use advanced eligibility verification and claims processing to guarantee that you’re promptly reimbursed for every dollar. Speak with an expert.

    Robust Reporting. Key Insights.

    Get instant access to over 100 Key Performance Metrics

    Combine specific clinical and billing data points to get a big picture view in a format that can easily be understood. 

    Monitor real-time performance, identify trends, and make informed decisions, steering your facility toward improving care every single day. Speak with an expert.

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    Better Billing. Seamless Management.

    You have enough to manage already. Why let the financial side slow you down?

    Are you interested in maximizing your resources, simplifying your workflows and driving growth in you facility? Let us show you how.
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