Elevate Your Care Standards With Physician Orders Software

With Physician Orders, part of the NetSolutions™ suite, dive into a world where efficiency meets accuracy. Say goodbye to manual documentation and medication errors and embrace a system designed for long-term and post-acute care professionals like you.

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    Transform Your Facility’s Medication Management

    resident verification

    Superior Order Management

    Streamline the process of entering and maintaining orders in electronic medical records.
    dose verification

    Comprehensive Organizational Tools

    From checking drug interactions to documenting results, our summary page is your one-stop solution.
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    Clinical Decision Support

    Get real-time screening for negative drug interactions during order entry, so you make informed decisions.

    eSignatures & Telephone Orders

    Review, sign, and document orders electronically. Directly enter key telephone orders with ease.
    data entry and standardization in your facility

    Data Entry & Standardization in Your Facility

    Enjoy physician orders software that incorporates the use of National Drug Code (NDC) codes for medication orders.
    With the use of NDC codes, the process of entering medication orders becomes streamlined. Instead of manually typing out the full name, dosage, and other details of a medication, nurses can simply enter the NDC code. This reduces the risk of medication errors and ensures that the right medication is administered to the right resident in the correct dosage. Book a consultation to find out how.

    Optimal Organizational Tools at Your Fingertips

    Get a centralized hub that revolutionizes the way you manage resident orders.
    No more juggling between tabs or software. From your Physician Orders Summary page, you can:
    • Add/Edit Orders: Quickly input new orders or modify existing ones with ease.
    • Verify eSignatures: Go paperless and authenticate orders with a secure digital signature, ensuring both efficiency and compliance.
    • Access a Drug Interaction Checker: Ensure resident safety by instantly checking for potential drug interactions before prescribing.
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    optimzal organizational tools at your fingertips
    advanced vitals monitoring

    Advanced Vitals Monitoring

    Effortlessly document vital parameters of every resident. Whether it’s blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen levels, or any other crucial metric.
    With Physician Orders, you’re not just adopting a software system; you’re embracing a comprehensive approach to resident safety and care excellence.
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