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Save Hundreds of Hours Calculating PDPM: Free EHR Demo

Software designed for acute care simply won’t cut it under PDPM. Set up a free EHR demo with us to learn how we’ve made the lives of long-term care providers a whole lot easier.

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What to Expect


Seamlessly collect data related to all care activities, not just therapy

Track ADLs, restorative nursing, therapy, and mood observation instantly.

Automatically calculate PDPM scores and maximize reimbursement

No need to review the various facets of resident care to determine HIPPS codes.

Stay in compliance with federal regulations

Always be prepared for audits by storing all provided services electronically.

Bill more quickly and efficiently

All that’s left to do is complete your triple-check review once a month.

“The financial piece for Cerner was just a disaster… So I told [Einstein’s decision-makers] to look at [Experience Care] because they already have this in place and are ready to go with the PDPM scores.”

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Carol Dowling

Billing Manager, Einstein Health

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