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A care attendant using the Service Tracker app to record all billable services.
The Service Tracker allows for accurate billing.

In ongoing conversations with our users, we identified a common problem faced by multiple assisted and independent living facilities: when facilities bill for services rendered, the long term care software system they have in place tends to lack an efficient tracking and billing process. This leads to poor record-keeping, omission of services delivered, and contesting of bills by families. The result is that many facilities are not being properly compensated for their services.

That is why we developed an intuitive Service Tracker module, which allows caregivers in assisted and independent living facilities to seamlessly document services instantly at the point of care, creating more accurate billing invoices. 

Integrated for Your Convenience 

The Service Tracker allows assisted and independent living facilities to track all billable services, such as beauty services, tray options, and transportation. 

The Most Innovative Features of Service Tracker

  • An Integrated Kardex – Like SNFs, assisted and independent living facilities will greatly benefit from our electronic Kardex, an interdisciplinary communication tool that gives a complete picture of a resident’s story that includes preferred language, dining options, sleeping schedules, and incontinence. Our electronic Kardex allows nurses to identify issues with ADLs and set helpful alerts if additional support is needed. As soon as a care attendant logs into the system, they will be notified and asked to provide the appropriate level of assistance.

The Kardex tool is available to assisted or independent living facilities to record important tenant information.

The integrated Kardex tools showing an alert for a diet change.
The integrated Kardex tools shows ADLs and helpful alerts.
  • A convenient Observation Menu – Our Service Tracker can be easily accessed from the Observation Menu, which has clear labels and icons of all the billable services

The trackable services range from ADLs (Activities of Daily Living)—like bathing, feeding, and toileting—to personal grooming and general everyday services such as:

  • Beauty and barber services
  • Personal care services
  • Personal Laundry services 
  • Tray and dietary services 
  • Activity services 
  • Additional housekeeping services
  • Supplies
The Service Tracker showing all the billable services in an assisted and independent living facility.
The Service Tracker can be easily accessed on the Observation Menu.
  • Point of Care Documentation – Facilities can rest assured knowing that they will receive the correct payment for all services rendered. Care attendants simply select the appropriate service at the point of care. The service will then automatically be logged into the tenant’s file, as each service is documented beside the tenant. This eliminates poor and inefficient documentation processes, resulting in accurate billing and documentation of all services rendered.  
The Service Tracker showing all billable services of a resident during the point of care.
The Service Tracker enters and tracks all billable services during the point of care.

Furthermore, because the services provided are documented at the point of care, if tenants want additional services, care attendants can easily add them to the tenant’s summary report— a monthly invoice showing each itemized service. Should billing issues arise, the facility will have sufficient documentation of all monthly itemized services.

List of residents that care attendants can move between when tracking services..
Care attendants can move between residents to add additional services.
  • Compatible Devices –  Like our Point of Care, clinical module, the Service Tracker is designed for maximum convenience. The Service Tracker module is configured into Experience Care’s Point of Care software system. Therefore, care attendants and other facility staff can access the service tracker via multiple devices and from different locations. For instance, the hairdresser or barber can select what service they have provided to a resident in the salon, and recorded these services at the point of care, ensuring that all services are documented and billed accordingly. 
The Service tracker showing the range of services can be accessed in multiple locations and devices so facility staff can accurately track the services.
The Service tracker can be used in multiple locations and devices so facility staff can accurately track the services.

Additionally, the Service Tracker is compatible with handheld devices like tablets. This allows other facility staff, like laundry attendants, to move between tenants and accurately record how much laundry was washed. Laundry services are recorded by the pound or load at the point of care using service tracker so that the monthly summary report will show the accurate amount of laundry washed per month. 

Laundry attendants can can accurately record how much laundry is washed.
Laundry attendants can move between tenants so they can accurately record how much laundry is washed.

Improve Your Documentation Process

The current processes at assisted living facilities often leave gaps of undocumented services, which causes friction between facilities and families. We have been working hard to provide a state-of-the-art service tracker module to ensure that all of the facility services are accurately recorded and correctly billed. Both parties can rest easy knowing that itemized billing is accurate and precise with our new Service Tracker. Furthermore, should tenants need to be transferred to a nursing facility, our software can provide an excellent continuum of care, making the process of transferring information smooth, fluent, and organized