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A care attendant using the Service Tracker app to record all billable services.
The Service Tracker allows for accurate billing.

Many assisted and independent living facilities continue to struggle with inefficient long-term care billing; they simply cannot keep accurate records to track billable services. As a result, families contest payments and refuse to pay for services rendered.

Introducing Service Tracker, a new, state-of-the-art long-term care billing system. Caregivers simply track services at the point of care. And then, residents are billed the exact payment amounts each month.

Hassle-Free Integration of Services

Bill for beauty, transportation, laundry services, and more with a few simple clicks. Let’s take a look at some of the features of Service Tracker.

The Innovative Features of Service Tracker

  • An Integrated Kardex – Use an electronic Kardex to communicate with your team. This tool gives you:
    • A complete view of each resident’s history
    • Customizable settings for residents, like preferred languages and sleep schedules
    • Quick access to ADL issues
    • Helpful alerts
    • Notifications with the level of help needed as soon as a care attendant logs in

Recording tenant information is a cinch with this Kardex tool.

The integrated Kardex tools showing an alert for a diet change.
The integrated Kardex tool shows ADLs and helpful alerts.
  • An Observation Menu – View your Service Tracker from the Observation Menu. Clear labels and icons make it easy to find billable services.

The billable services displayed include:

  • Beauty and barber services
  • Personal care services
  • Personal laundry services 
  • Tray and dietary services 
  • Activity services 
  • Additional housekeeping services
  • Supplies
  • Other items
The Service Tracker showing all the billable services in an assisted and independent living facility.
The Service Tracker can be easily accessed on the Observation Menu.
  • Point of Care Documentation – Say goodbye to poor and inefficient documentation processes. Now you can receive the correct payment for all services rendered with little effort. Care attendants simply select the appropriate service at the point of care. The service is then recorded in the tenant’s file. And just like that, you get accurate billing and documentation of all billable services.
The Service Tracker showing all billable services of a resident during the point of care.
The Service Tracker enters and tracks all billable services during the point of care.
  • A Monthly Summary Report – What if a tenant requests extra services? Not a problem! Services can be easily added to the tenant’s monthly invoice. Then the summary report will show each itemized service documented at the point of care.

The facility will have all the documentation it needs to account for any itemized service. This reduces the likelihood of billing errors significantly.

List of residents that care attendants can move between when tracking services..
Care attendants can move between residents to add additional services.
  • Compatible Devices – The Service Tracker works alongside Experience Care’s Point of Care software system. Care attendants can access the Service Tracker from multiple devices, like tablets and computers, and locations.

So when a hairdresser selects a service, say, a haircut, it is recorded in real-time. That ensures that it will be billed at the end of the month with no extra work from you.

The Service tracker showing the range of services can be accessed in multiple locations and devices so facility staff can accurately track the services.
The Service tracker can be used in multiple locations and devices so facility staff can accurately track the services.

Or if a laundry attendant wants to document laundry loads by the pound, they can now easily navigate between tenants and record each load at the point of care. Then, at the end of the month, that summary report will automatically show the accurate amount of laundry washed for the month.

Laundry attendants can can accurately record how much laundry is washed.
Laundry attendants can move between tenants so they can accurately record how much laundry is washed.

Vastly-Improved Documentation Processes

Unfortunately, too many assisted living facilities have poor documentation processes, resulting in unaccounted-for services. Not only does that cost you money, but it can create friction between facilities and families. The Service Tracker removes miscommunication by ensuring all billable services are properly recorded and billed.

To learn more about Service Tracker, just reach out to one of our representatives, and we’ll explore how it can help your organization get itemized billing that is accurate and easy.