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A Single Location for Resident & Resource Scheduling

Providing a quick and efficient way to schedule residents’ appointments and activities including related resources such as equipment and rooms. Schedules are displayed clearly in calendars and reports for individual residents, facility staff members, and resources. It organizes schedules, avoids conflicts, and gives staff tools to prepare for appointments.

Consolidated Appointments

NetSolutions Resident Scheduling replaces disconnected appointment books in various locations throughout your organization with one system that schedules:

  • Appointments for individual residents, such as care plan conferences and physician appointments
  • Activities with multiple residents, such as a trip to a community event and bingo
  • Resources related to an appointment such as equipment, transportation, and meeting rooms
  • Recurring appointments

Calendars for Residents, Staff, Resources

Staff members have their own calendar view where you can add, update, and delete appointments. All staff who actively use the system have a calendar available to them.

Calendar boxes include data such as resident information, attendees, location, and your notes.

You can add an appointment by clicking on an empty area of the calendar. In the pop-up screen you select start and end times using familiar calendar tools and add staff or resources, such as a van, oxygen tank, and meeting room. Select from dropdown lists to minimize typing.

Filter this handy calendar view for your exact needs – provides the ability to see a calendar for yourself, a co-worker, resident, prospect, resource, or activity. Choose an activity instead, such as scheduled MDS interviews. Recurring appointments include an icon (see Standup meetings above). Clearly see conflicts in time to resolve them.

Schedule Appointments for one Resident or Many

The flexibility of this application means you can schedule one appointment for an individual resident requiring multiple resources in addition to multiple residents requiring one or more resources.

For example, to schedule a bingo game, you would choose a date, start and end times, and select residents by using efficient NetSolutions tools. Add a meeting room for the game and any equipment, and click OK. You could also click “Recurring” to schedule the event into the future automatically per your instructions.

To add an appointment you either left double click in a timeslot on a calendar or select the Add Appointment link. When making an appointment, the only required entry is Activity, such as care plan conference, training, bingo, and standup meeting. The activity can be entered from a dropdown list or a free-text box. Edit appointments easily from the calendar view or Modify/Remove Appointment page and tailor the contents of the dropdowns for your facility in master files.


A Scheduling Report in a list view will be available to view, print, and share in PDF format. The reports can be filtered by all or selected residents, prospects, staff, resource, and activity. Reports can be created that limit selection to pinpoint information.

For example, the subject of a report could be resource, with Van1 and Van2 chosen and staff members Green and Brown. The resulting report would show only appointments for those staff in those vehicles. More reports will be added in later updates to this application.

Additional Features

  • Resident entries always contain the resident name, ID number, and location (station-room-bed)
  • Displays related information in the calendar, including resident, resource, comments
  • Provides two ways to add an appointment: left double click in a calendar timeslot or the Add Appointment link
  • Provides a calendar for all staff who actively use the system
  • Offers familiar calendar tools to show different time spans
  • Filters calendar view to show schedules for staff, residents, prospects, resources, and activity
  • Offers dropdown lists of choices for resources and activities
  • Supports recurring appointments
  • Supports opening another NetSolutions application from Resident & Resource Scheduling
  • Gives the option of using a 24-hour clock