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Business Insights Dashboards Ready for You Out of the Box or Create Your Own

NetSolutions Insight is a business intelligence software solution that gives Long-Term and Post-Acute Care providers dashboards to visualize, monitor, and analyze information.

Insight is an out-of-the-box solution that can be up and running in hours, bringing you Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and alerts, both clinical and financial. Your dashboard can be up quickly because we do the background work, building the KPIs based on our experience, and with input from LTPAC providers like you.

We give you a choice on how you want to put Insight to work for you, offering Standard, Premium, and Unlimited packages, as well as the ability to access third-party products.

Insight will be installed on your system with multiple pre-loaded dashboard pages, each with four to seven KPIs displayed as charts, depending on the package you choose.

User-friendly Navigation

Insight information is organized in a logical hierarchy. The main dashboard reports on multiple areas of your business through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that provide maximum information in minimum time.

From a different perspective, you can quickly change the format of a KPI, starting with a right-click. Formats include tables, bar charts, pie charts, and gauges.

Insight empowers staff and increases efficiency by providing instant information on an employee’s focus, such as nursing or billing.

Analysis Tool

Your initial view of your dashboard is critical for directing your attention to issues that need attention and analysis. It offers tools for:

  • Changing to a different view, such as a comparison or consolidation of multiple sites, one facility, a department, or unit
  • Filtering and sorting data by one or more factors such as station, facility, and payer
  • Drilling down to the source data, such as an individual resident, progress note, or invoice


Never miss a critical event – clinical or financial – with the Insight Alerts function. It scans your system for certain conditions, events, or dates that you’ve set up. If they occur, it notifies you by email or alert charts. Alerts serve many purposes including:

  • Exception Reporting: notifies you if an indicator falls outside a range of numbers you have specified. These Alerts are valuable for financial statistics such as census, cash receipts, and AR aging. They can be lifesavers for clinical issues such as blood pressure, blood glucose levels, and late medications.
  • Reminders of Scheduled Events: such as collections activity follow-up, care plan goal review, and AIMs follow-up. Set up alerts for all residents or just those in your station.
  • Event monitoring: to notify you of specific entries, such as an admission, a progress note category of dehydration, PRN documentation missing, or Medicaid cash receipt.

About Insight

Insight, developed by Altosoft, is a .NET-based solution that connects with NetSolutions data in SQL Server to aggregate and calculate Key Performance Indicators. Headquartered outside of Philadelphia, PA, Altosoft delivers solutions for commercial and government organizations worldwide. For more information, visit

Insight is delivered with a pre-defined dashboard and financial and clinical KPIs according to the package selected. The KPIs are specific to Long-Term Care providers.

Installation, training, and ongoing support are provided by Cantata Health professionals.

Standard Package

The Standard Package includes the basic dashboards LTC providers need for informed decisions. It offers a main dashboard that gives an overview of critical topics including census, financial, and clinical Key Performance Indicators. Separate pages cover those topics in more detail.

The Standard Package includes the ability to set up user-defined Alerts according to your needs and preferences. When you decide to move to the next level of business and clinical intelligence, you can upgrade to the Premium or Unlimited Package at any time.

Main Dashboard

  • Census- Yesterday, includes Hold Days
  • Cash Receipts- Current Month by Payer Type
  • Census by Payer Type Yesterday
  • AR Aging by Payer Type
  • AR Aging by Category
  • Today’s Resident Birthdays
  • ADL Average Scores by Station
  • Chronic Disease Diagnoses – Active

Clinical Dashboard

  • ADL Alert – ADL score 1-5, Past 30 Days
  • Care Plan Goal Review Due within 7 Days
  • UDA Assessments Not Completed in 7 Days
  • New Orders by Type – Past 3 Days
  • Held Medications Daily, by Reason
  • PRN – Most Frequent by Resident – Past Week
  • PRN Meds without Documentation, 24 Hours
  • Catheter Appliance
  • Suctioning, Tracheostomy, Ventilator
  • Antipsychotic Meds – Days
  • Received, Last 7 Days
  • Antianxiety Meds – Days
  • Received, Last 7 Days
  • Antidepressants – Days Received, Last 7 Days
  • Hypnotic Meds – Days Received, Last 7 Days

Census Dashboard

  • Census Days by Pay Type – Past Week
  • Census – Yesterday with Hold Days
  • Census Days by Payer Type – Yesterday
  • Admissions – Past 5 days
  • Discharges – Past 5 days – Medicare, Private
  • Resident Mix by Level of Care – Top 60
  • Today’s Birthdays
  • Hospital Re-admissions within 30 days or more than 30 days

Accounts Dashboard

  • Cash Receipts by Payer, Current Month vs Last
  • Cash Receipts – Current Month
  • Charges by Payer – Current Month vs. Last
  • Charges by Payer Type – Current vs Last Month
  • Adjustments – Current Month
  • Adjustments by Payer Type – Current Month
  • Adjustments by Description

Accounts Receivable Dashboard

  • Collection Activity Due Today
  • AR Days Outstanding by Payer, Plan, Facility
  • AR Aging
  • Aging by Category
  • Current Aging Compared to End of Month
  • AR Close Aging by Aging Category, Payer
  • Aging by Payer Type and Aging Category
  • AR Aging by Payer Type and Aging
  • Category

General Ledger Dashboard

  • Net Income
  • Resident Days by Month
  • Revenue – Actual vs. Budget
  • Expense – Actual vs. Budget

Accounts Payable Dashboard

  • Accounts Payable by Aging Category
  • Purchases by Month
  • Purchases – Top 25 Accounts – Past Month
  • Payment History by Month

Premium Package

The Premium Package includes all the contents of the Standard package and adds the following dashboards. A partial list of the sub-topic pages of indicators is included here. It includes the Insight Designer for creating your own dashboards and modifying existing dashboards using the events and KPIs already defined in these dashboards and pages.

Census Dashboard

Census (Month)

  • Census Days by Payer Type – Past Month
  • Census Days by Facility, by Building
  • Census Days by Level of Care – Top 15
  • Hold Days

Census (Year)

  • Census Days by Payer Type
  • Census Days by Building, Facility
  • Medicare Days by RUG-IV Level


  • Admissions by Payer Type
  • Admissions by Level – Top 10 – 12 Months
  • Admissions by Source – Top 10 – 12 Months
  • Admissions by City – Top 10 – 12 Months
  • Admissions by Visit Type – 12 Months
  • Admissions by Federal Admit Source – 12 Months
  • Admissions by Zip, by County – 12 Months
  • Admissions by Facility


  • Discharges by Payer Type
  • Discharges by Level of Care – 12 Months
  • Federal Discharge Destination – Top 10
  • Discharge Diagnosis – Top 15 – 12 Months
  • Discharge Destination Pending Discharges
  • Discharges by Facility


  • Active Prospects – by Hospital, 12 Months
  • Prospective Residents – Last 12 Months


  • Outpatients by Payer Type
  • Outpatients by Facility
  • Current Outpatients by Payer Type


  • Diagnoses, All – Top 100
  • Diagnoses, Active – Top 100

Hospital Readmissions

  • Hospital Readmissions by Visit, Length
  • Hospital Readmissions by Visit, Payer
  • Hospital Readmissions – Last 12 Months
  • Hospital Readmissions by Facility

Hospital Stay

  • Medicare Qualifying Stay – by Month, Facility
  • Hospital Stays by Hospital – Top 25

Transfer to Hospital

  • Length of Stay (LOS) before Transfer to Hospital
  • LOS before Transfer to Hospital by Prior Payer
  • Transfers to Hospital – Details by Resident

Discharge to Hospital

  • Visits by Length Category by Hospital Stay, by Payer


  • Guarantor by Zip Code, Top 20
  • Guarantor by State
  • Guarantor Information


  • Today’s Resident Birthdays
  • Birthdays by Month
  • Residents by Age
  • Resident Birthdays

Account Dashboard


  • Charges by Payer Type – by Month and Year
  • Charges by Revenue Code – Past Month
  • Ancillary Charges by Revenue Code – Past Month
  • Monthly Census by Payer Type – Past 12 Months
  • Charges by Plan – Top 20 – Past Month
  • Charges by Billing Description – Past Month
  • Charges by Facility – Past Year

Cash Receipts

  • Cash Receipts – Current vs. Prior Year Compared
  • Resident Cash Receipts – Current Month
  • Misc. Cash Receipts – Current/Prior Year Compared
  • Misc. Cash Receipts – Top 8-12 Months
  • Bank Deposits

Resident Receipts

  • Resident Receipts by Payer Type
  • Resident Receipts – by Plan – Past 12 Months
  • Resident Receipts – Top Payer – Past 12 Months


  • AR Adjustments by Payer Type
  • Adjustment Description – Top 10, Past 12 Months
  • AR Adjustments by Type

Ledger History

  • Balance History by User-Selected Date Range
  • Transaction History – User-Selected Dates
  • Charge History
  • Cash Receipt History

AR Dashboard


  • AR Aging over 90 Days by Category
  • Aging of $250+ Over 90 days by Payer and Period
  • AR End-of-Month Aging by Payer and Time Period


  • Note Amount Compared to Balance
  • Collection Notes by Aging Category

General Ledger Dashboard

P & L Detail

  • Net Income
  • Revenue and Expense
  • Net Income by Facility

Actual vs. Budget

  • Revenue – Actual vs. Budget
  • Expense – Actual v.s Budget
  • Resident Days – Actual vs. Budget
  • Labor Hours – Actual vs. Budget

Revenue by Department

Expense by Department

  • Expense Per-Patient-Day by Department

Expense by Sub Account

  • Expense by Sub Account – Top 10
  • Expense by Sub Account – Top 100

General Ledger Statistic

  • Resident Days by Month
  • Resident Days by Facility
  • Labor Hours by Month, by Facility
  • Ancillary Statistics by Month, by Facility

Accounts Payable Dashboard

Payable Alerts

  • Invoices Due < 7 Days, 8 to 15 Days
  • Discount Expires < 7 Days, 8-15 Days


  • Purchases by Facility
  • Purchases – Top 25 Accounts – Past Month
  • Purchases by Account – Top 25 – Past Year

Accounts Payable Aging

  • Accounts Payable by Aging Categories
  • Accounts Payable Aging by Facility
  • Aging Balance by Invoice Month – Past Year
  • Accounts Payable Aging by Vendor


  • Invoice Account by Month
  • Invoice Discount Status by Month
  • Invoice Amount by Vendor – Top 25 – Past Year
  • Invoices by Vendor – Past Year

Payment History

  • Payment History by Facility
  • Payments by Vendor – Past Year
  • Payments – Current Month by Cash Account

Clinical Dashboard

Vital Alerts

  • Resident Temperature Baseline Alert
  • Blood Pressure Baseline Variation Alert
  • Blood Glucose Baseline Variation Alert
  • Weight Change Baseline Variation Alert
  • Weight Baseline Variation Alert

MDS Assessments

  • Assessment Summary – MDS – Past 90 Days
  • Assessment Summary – MDS – Therapy Days and Minutes – Past 90
  • DaysAssessment Information – Past 90 Days, by Resident, ARD, Selected Items

MDS Alerts

  • Change-of-Therapy Assessment Observation
  • MDS Completed – Not Submitted
  • MDS Sections – Completed and Not Completed

ADL – Assistance with Daily Living

  • ADL Average Scores by Station
  • ADL Average Scores by Station – Past Month
  • ADL Average Scores by Facility

Charting Alerts

  • PRN Meds without Follow-up Documentation – Past 24 Hours
  • Phone Orders Need Physician Signature – Past 30 Days
  • ADL Alert (ADL Score < 5) Past 30 Days
  • Care Plans without Goals – Past 90 Days
  • Care Plans without Interventions – Past 90 Days

Interdisciplinary Progress Notes Progress

  • Notes by Month
  • Progress Notes by Category – Top 10
  • Progress Notes by Type – Top 10 – 12 Months

Care Plans

  • Care Plan Goal Review – within 7 Days
  • Care Plan Conference planning – Goals Due in 8-30 Days
  • Unresolved Care Plan Goals – 1-30 Days Past Estimated Date
  • Unresolved Care Plan Goals – 31-90 Days Past Estimated Date
  • Current Problems by Category – Top 20

Physician Orders

  • Orders by Type – Past Week
  • Medication Orders – Top 10 in Past Month
  • Orders by Class (NDC) – Top 10 in Past Month
  • Orders by Order Code – Top 20 – Past Week
  • Orders by Type – Past Year
  • Orders by Therapeutic Class – Top 15, Past Month
  • Phone Orders Need Physician Signature

Order Administration – eMAR

  • Medication Administration by Class – Top 10
  • Yesterday’s Medication Administration by Sub-Class – Top 60
  • eCharting Events (No NDC) by Order Code – Top 20 – Past 24 Hours
  • Medication Admin by Classification – Past Week
  • Anti-Anxiety or Hypnotic Med Administration – Past Week
  • Residents – Nine or More Medications Taken – Past Month

PRN Administration

  • PRN Meds Administered by Class – Top 15
  • PRN Medication – Most Frequent by Resident
  • Daily PRN Frequency – Past Week

Held Medications

  • Held Meds by Reason – Daily – Past 2 Weeks
  • Held Medications by Reason – Past Month

Infection Control

  • Infection Follow-up Alert
  • Infections by Type – Past Year
  • Infections by Type


  • Incidents by Type
  • Incidents by Type – Past Year
  • Incidents by Location – Past Year

UDA (User-Defined) Assessments

  • UDA Assessments not Complete in 7 Days, Past Month
  • UDA Score Status and Average Score – Past Quarter
  • UDA Frequency Due 8-30 Days
  • Due Date in Next 7 Days
  • Due Date 8-30 Days
  • Average Scores by Assessment Title, by Month, Past Year

Unlimited Package

With the Insight Unlimited Package, you can create unique dashboards for your organization. This package includes all the contents of the Standard and Premium packages as well as Insight Studio.

The Studio includes tools to capture any event and data element in the NetSolutions database, going beyond those already defined in the Insight dashboards and pages.

Use the Dashboard Designer included in this package to determine how you want to display and report the events and Key Performance Indicators you capture from NetSolutions tables.

Your custom dashboards and pages are added to the array that arrives out-of-the-box with Insight Standard and Premium packages.

Interested in building reports from third-party databases or from spreadsheets containing data retrieved from third-party software? Add the optional Third-Party Licensing component.