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Facilitate Your Payroll Process and Maintain Employee Information

This Payroll software is rich in features and functions to maintain employee information and streamline the payroll process. A windows-based product, it was designed to meet the requirements of Long-Term and Post-Acute Care providers. The software follows the standard payroll process – starting with employee information, then defining rates and benefits for each employee, entering hours, calculating checks, and generating reports.

Human Resources Data

This Payroll software puts extensive employee information at your fingertips. For example, in Employee Pay Profile windows, you can collect detailed employee data, including:

  • Demographics, such as emergency contact
  • Employment data such as dates, position, location, hours, and employee number
  • Tax status – FICA, federal, state, local
  • Direct deposit information
  • Payroll including rates, benefits, salary history, and voluntary deductions

Generate reports for one employee or all employees

Reports include:

  • Salary and check histories
  • Benefit coverage
  • Licenses, certifications, memberships
  • Education, continuing education, memberships, tuition reimbursement
  • Skills, areas of interest
  • Dependent information
  • Previous employment
  • Performance reviews

Simplify Your Payroll Process

With this Payroll software it’s only a matter of five steps to complete your payroll:

  1. Timecard Processing: after processing recurring timecards, the system calculates timecards, displays totals, and the number of completed and missing timecards by department
  2. Benefit/Deduction Processing: calculates benefit accruals and employee deductions, then delivers a preliminary check register
  3. Check Processing: offers the option to view before printing
  4. Update Files: updates employee accumulators and adds data to files for benefit accrual, earnings history, deduction history, payroll master, and summary of earnings
  5. Payroll Repors: for management information, such as Labor Distribution and YTD summaries, as well as for local, state, and federal government reporting

To produce a hand check, simply enter the hours, and put a check in the printer. The software does all the calculations for you.

Help with the Hiring Process

The Job Applicant tracking section maintains hiring information such as demographics, education, referral, interview dates, rating, and status as to veteran and disability. Use applicants’ information when entering them as new employees.

Key Features for Payroll Process

  • Interfaces with time clock software
  • Supports direct deposit for up to three accounts
  • Supports global pay rate changes and deduction suspension/reinstatement. Offers a “simulate” option to show impact of change
  • Accepts tax rate changes in advance
  • Handles shift differentials, from simple to complex; differentials can be attached to Hours/Earning codes
  • Exports a General Journal file to the General Ledger where it is used to calculate per-patient-day statistics, such as nursing hours per patient day
  • Retains a history of prior quarters and years; includes a purge feature
  • Supports 999 Hours/Earnings codes
  • Offers an unlimited number of deduction codes, for items such as 401(K) and union dues
  • Supports adding functions to Deduction codes such as a priority order for deductions, using percentage or fixed dollar amount, tracking missed deductions, and assigning taxes
  • Calculates overtime pay per FSLA regulations
  • Complies with EEOC reporting rules – calculates annual report automatically
  • Supports up to 999 Benefit Accrual rates for different classes of employees and benefits
  • Provides security and confidentiality – access to data can be assigned for each employee or group at the menu level
  • Offers user-defined fields for optional data
  • Provides magnetic media for state-specific quarterly requirements and federal regulations


This Payroll application produces many standard reports that are generated according to your criteria, such as date range.

Payroll Reports

  • Allocation of Employer’s Payroll Taxes
  • Benefit Accrual, Salary Accrual
  • Check Register
  • Compensation Rates (High to Low)
  • Deductions, by employee, deduction, missed deduction
  • Distribution Expense
  • Earnings/Deduction History
  • Earnings Distribution: hours per resident day by department, such as nursing
  • Earnings/Withholding Register
  • Employee Earnings and Hours Summary
  • Employee Hours, Employee Hours History
  • Employee Master Listing
  • Employees by Local Tax Code, Monthly/Quarterly Local Tax
  • General Ledger Distribution
  • Gross to Net Earnings by Dept/Employee
  • Handwritten and Void Check Register
  • Labor Distribution
  • Old Rate to New Rate Comparison
  • Overtime
  • Payroll Exception Report
  • Quarterly Federal Wages, Taxable Earnings
  • Quarterly FUI Wages
  • Recap by Salary Classification
  • Taxable FICA Wages
  • Timecard Reports
  • W-2 Wage and Tax Statements

Human Resources Reports

  • Benefit Coverage
  • EEOC Job Category Report
  • Employment History
  • Expiring Professional Licenses
  • Job Classification Listing
  • Leave of Absence
  • License/Certificate Data
  • Performance Review Information
  • Position Control Master Listing
  • Position Seniority
  • Terminated Employee Listing

Manage Information Reports

• FTEs–YTDbyDepartment,Positionwithproductivehours

• MonthlyDepartmentSummaryofEarnings

• MonthlyDepartmentSummaryofHours

• MonthlyFull-TimeEquivalencyReport

• SummaryofHours/EarningsbyJobCode

System Information

This Payroll software is windows-based. It works with NetSolutions, Cantata Health’s Web-based system.