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Flexible Tools for Tracking and Reporting Assets

Maintain information on capital assets using the methods you prefer. Fixed Assets software offers a flexible system with a choice of depreciation methods and user-defined setup and controls.

Accounting for vital equipment and assets is simplified by using interactive processes, such as online information maintenance, automatic depreciation calculations, and integration with General Ledger software from Experience Care.

Online Inquiry

Comprehensive data on an asset is located in its Asset Maintenance windows, such as location (building, floor, room), depreciation schedule, and free-form comments.

An online Inquiry tool sorts through all assets to find the one you need fast. Search by item code, description, or tag ID.

On-Demand Reports

Fixed Assets combines data in reports for valuable management information, including:

  • Assets
  • Assets including comments
  • Assets by Account
  • Assets by Depreciation Set
  • Assets by Responsibility Center
  • Depreciation Schedule for an Asset
  • Depreciation Forecast
  • Preliminary Depreciation Schedule
  • Asset Tracking Information
  • Assets by Location

Key Features

  • Posts accumulated depreciation and associated expenses automatically to General Ledger
  • Provides multi-facility accounting
  • Provides online inquiries by item and depreciation schedules
  • Handles multiple asset general entry
  • Uses a unique asset tag code to identify and track assets
  • Assigns like assets to groups by GL accounts
  • Provides open areas for free-form comments
  • Offers online Help for detailed explanations and procedures every step of the way