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Ensure Eligibility for Services to be Provided to Residents

The 270/271 Interface sends and receives electronic messages about a resident’s eligibility to payers, including Medicare, Medicaid and/or commercial insurance. Responses are displayed in a format that is easy to read. Use the interface by clicking “Check Eligibility” in the Plan Summary screen (sample shown below). The software creates the 270 message and sends it to the eligibility vendor. They send it to CMS, Medicaid or the commercial insurance company and return replies in a 271 message.

An Interface with AR-Billing to Check on a Resident’s Eligibility

NetSolutions interprets the response into a readable report that is displayed onscreen. The whole process happens in less than 10 seconds. You can return to the reimbursement table in AR-Billing to view or print the report. You can also open the report from a link in the Collections area. Check on eligibility of residents before they’re admitted with the Prospect feature.

Send a 270 message with one click from NetSolutions advanced AR-Billing. To send an 270 Eligibility message, simply click the link and the software will do the rest.