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Centralized Processing of Multiple Facilities and Inter-Company Accounting

Accounts Payable offers superior tools for maintaining vendor information, processing invoices, writing checks, generating 1099s, and monitoring cash requirements. Accounts Payable and General Ledger are part of our Web-based single-database system.

Quickly Access Multi-level Data by Vendor and Invoice

Vendor information

Master vendor windows give you complete information that’s instantly accessible and is used automatically in the accounts payable processes. For multi-facility organizations, vendor information can be shared by all.

Collect and maintain data such as 1099 information and multiple vendor addresses. For vendors with multiple addresses, you can assign pay-to codes for each address. You can assign distribution account numbers per vendor that default when entering an invoice. A historical review of year-to-date activity by vendor is available on demand.

Discount terms

Set up codes for every vendors’ discount terms, such as 1% in 10 days/net 30 days, or due on the 15th of the month for a 2% discount. The Accounts Payable (AP) application uses that data to calculate check amounts and schedule invoices for payment.

Cash Management

Make payments at the optimum time using AP’s cash management functions including the ability to select invoices for payment automatically or manually. If you choose automatic, the system uses your criteria, such as invoice due date.

To manually select invoices, flag them from a list sorted by vendor, discount due date, or invoice due date, and indicate payment, partial pay, and/or hold. A preliminary check register with complete data is generated as a final check and balance.

NetSolutions AP shows you the cash requirements for invoices based on a date and/or invoice due dates. Change dates and see the dollar results. Change outstanding checks’ status to “paid” as you reconcile checks online.

Powerful Inquiry Tools

Vendor/Invoice Inquiry

With AP’s Vendor Inquiry page you can answer any question on a vendor or invoice. The first page shows vendor number and address. Click other tabs to see vendor demographics, vendor invoices, invoice details, invoice distribution, events, and notes.

Change to the Invoice view to see details of all or selected invoices by vendor in one window. This includes post dates, invoice and vendor numbers, discount information, due date, PO number, 1099 type, and payment information.

Drill down to more information on a specific invoice, including check number, amount and date. An additional inquiry window shows an invoice history for a selected vendor.

Check status inquiry

Search for a check by number, date, or vendor and view the check’s status (open, reconciled, stopped, canceled, and void) including the date of change and user who last changed the status. The page also includes a scrollable summary of checks by number, vendor, date, amount, type, status and status date.

Key Features

  • Supports centralized processing of multiple facilities and inter-company accounting
  • Imports electronic invoices
  • Processes one vendor invoice with charges incurred by multiple facilities
  • Processes current month without closing prior month
  • Processes discounts and due dates per terms set up in vendor profile
  • Provides inquiry and reporting for projected cash requirements
  • Supports online check reconciliation with bank statement
  • Supports importing a check reconciliation file from the bank
  • Generates report of month-to-date purchases compared to budget by account
  • Handles multiple cash accounts
  • Generates 1099 forms
  • Offers full integration with NetSolutions General Ledger
  • Offers online validation of GL account distribution
  • Offers ability to set security for users by facility and access to view-only
  • Handles recurring invoices
  • Provides automated month-end processing that interfaces with NetSolutions and other GL systems for expense, liability and cash journal entries

Check Processing Features

  • Supports printing on blank check stock using the MICR font and toner
  • Supports electronic signatures on checks
  • Checks may be printed for future dates
  • Positive Pay file for the bank to deter check fraud
  • Gives option of printing a check for a one-time vendor rather a manual check
  • Generates preliminary check register and a cash requirement report before printing checks
  • Uses standard check format. Custom check programming is available
  • Reprints checks with different numbers, if original checks are not usable
  • Handles stop-payment of check with auto reversal
  • Generates detail and summary-level check registers by payment cycle and month end


On-demand Reports

Standard reports available from Accounts Payable:

  • 1099 Record Listing
  • A/P Aging Analysis Report and for Month End
  • A/P Contra Analysis
  • A/P Distribution vs. Budget
  • A/P Totals Reconciliation Inquiry
  • Cash Requirements
  • Hold/Pay Invoice Listing
  • Purchase Journal
  • Remaining Uninvoiced Liability – All
  • Vendor Ledger Report
  • Vendor Listing and Vendor Mailing Labels
  • Vendor Details Year to Date
  • Vendor Summary Year to Date

Month-end Reports

The following standard month-end reports may be printed at any time during the month.

  • A/P Aging Analysis
  • A/P Distribution by Account, Batch, Department
  • A/P Distribution vs Budget
  • A/P Outstanding Checks Listing
  • Cash Disbursements Journal
  • Cash Journal by Check Number
  • Invoices Paid But Not Expensed
  • Resident Refund Distribution by Department
  • Purchase Journal
  • Resolved Discrepancies
  • Vendor Ledger
  • Void, Cancel, and Stop Payment Checks
  • Year-to-Date G/L Account Analysis
  • AP Totals Reconciliation Report