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Better Incident and Infection Control Documentation and Reporting

Quality Assurance application includes modules for improving efficiency in the processes for incident reporting and infection control. This module removes QA activities such as incident reporting and infection control from residents’ legal medical records and keeps them separate in the Administrative Record.

Eliminate Paperwork

When you automate your facility’s paper Quality Assurance (QA) Reports, they are available anywhere/anytime to authorized employees, eliminating handwriting, filing, and pulling charts. You gain tools to standardize report contents while helping to ensure proper actions are taken and crucial data is captured.

NetSolutions QA gives you data you can use to improve your facility’s Quality Measures and Five Star Rating’s that are published on CMS’ Nursing Home Compare Website.

Increase Accuracy, Effectiveness, and Efficiency

This application provides measurable data that can increase the accuracy, effectiveness, and efficiency of your facility’s Quality Assurance activities. By standardizing the data collected, outcomes can be compared and trends identified. The data can serve as a feedback loop to measure the outcomes of QA activities.

With NetSolutions QA and Insight Dashboard software on your system, you can set up alerts to notify you when an Incident or Infection Control report is opened and other milestones.

Incident Reporting

The Incident Report section is organized around a Summary page that lists the resident’s incident reports with key clinical information displayed for reference. From the Summary screen, you can view and print previous reports and begin a new one. The software offers areas for notes and simplifies charting when possible by offering checkboxes for your responses in these areas:

  • Observations: with a checklist of items in categories such as cognitive status, appearance, injuries, neuro assessment, and reaction to medications
  • Findings: for conclusions and causative factors
  • Reporting: to record required and other notifications
  • Actions: for charting actions at the time of the incident or investigation
  • Audit: to ensure all necessary fields have been completed

Uploads Made Easy

You can upload electronic files of photos and documents to the Observations, Findings, and Actions pages when your system includes NetSolutions eDocuments, a separate application.

When you begin an Incident Report, the system requires a date, time, and incident type, such as fall, abrasion, choking, and physical abuse. Additional fields are included for:

  • Location: chose from a drop-down list to standardize terms
  • Incident observed by
  • Assigned staff: chosen from a list of staff authorized for this duty

The Reporting area is a comprehensive list of entities to be notified, such as the State (yes/no) with text boxes for names.

This section can be a reminder to comply with your facility’s policies as well as the Affordable Care Act and the Social Security Act that require specific individuals in applicable Long-Term Care facilities to report any reasonable suspicion of crimes committed against a resident to State survey agencies and to law enforcement.

Infection Control

The Infection Control module in QA software is used to enter, track and report on residents’ infection issues. It is similar to Incident Reporting in that the Summary page is the central point for viewing and adding reports. It displays resident information for reference and provides a list of past infections.

You begin a new report from the Summary page, from there you open these areas:

  • Signs and Symptoms: select from choices according to infection type, such as GI tract, Respiratory, UTI
  • Tests and Results pertinent to the infection type
  • Treatment Information: including an order lookup and follow-up information
  • Reporting: to assist in making required notifications
  • Resolution: documentation of facts relating to decisions regarding an infection
  • Audit: to ensure all necessary fields have been completed

To begin an Infection Control report, you select from the drop-down list of System types, including urinary, respiratory, and gastrointestinal. Once selected, only information relevant to the selected types is available reducing documentation requirements. For example, when the type is urinary tract, the Signs and Symptoms area asks for Yes/No responses for topics such as catheter use and flank/suprapubic pain.

Under Resolution, you check whether the infection was healthcare-associated or community-associated, present on admission, included in the care plan, and the resolution, with choices such as resolved and resident discharged to hospital.


NetSolutions QA offers a Case Report and a Log for each module. The Case Reports transform checkmarks and entries from the different areas into a narrative report.

The Logs list residents with reports in the system. It can be sorted by resident, location, date, and infection type and generated for all or selected residents. The reports include information on date, location, type, results, and treatment. Infection Control and Incident Logs can be viewed and printed. These reports can be exported as a pdf, Word doc, or Excel spreadsheet.