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MMQ Massachusetts Software Solutions

NetSolutions offers web-based software to streamline and manage the process for MMQ Massachusetts, or, the minutes management questionnaire that is particular to the state of Massachusetts. The MMQ determines reimbursement rates for Medicare patients, as facilities need evidence to support the care provided for at least 15 days. This is similar to the PDPM model, which may come to replace MMQ in the future. 

The MMQ module can be accessed anytime and anywhere by authorized staff, and it allows nurses and physicians to:

  • Complete an MMQ report by selecting responses on a page that looks like the actual form. The whole form is on one page—no need to navigate to additional screens.
  • Complete the MMQ from the point of care when you access the intranet or internet from a portable PC or tablet with a wireless connection.

It should be noted that the Massachusetts MMQ module is updated for ICD-10 diagnosis codes.

NetSolutions MMQ Massachusetts Page and Assessment Reports

The MMQ module provides a form that is similar to an MDS form. MMQ nurses can fill this out and transmit it to an intermediary, create their electronic file, and easily submit it. 

Image of an MMQ report in Experience Care's NetSolutions software. Scores are assigned for services ranging from personal hygiene to skilled procedures.
View of an MMQ report in NetSolutions.
Image of an MMQ report in Experience Care's NetSolutions software. Codes are assigned for toilet use, medications, and more. The evaluator will enter his or her information as well as the evaluation date in designated boxes.
Continuation of MMQ report in NetSolutions.

Streamline the MMQ Process

The MMQ Assessment Report shows all 24 items for each resident on one digital page, including responses, scores, and category. This saves MMQ nurses a great deal of time, as, on paper, they would have to go back and look at reports manually in order to fill out the MMQ. In our MMQ module, meanwhile, they can simply click “look up” to find a diagnosis that pulls information from the ADT clinical module. 

Improve Accuracy

Make sure MMQs are submitted correctly – this Audit Report gives you a notification for any missing responses. If there is inconsistency in the answers given, the Audit Report will prompt users to revise their answers. 

Avoid Undercoding

This partial Category Variance report lists each resident’s score based on their most recent assessment, the score required for the next highest category, and the “variance,” or, the difference between the two scores. Using this information, MMQ nurses might decide to double check their work to see if the resident may actually qualify for a higher category. 

The MMQ module displays the average resident score at the facility to give nurses an idea of the state of reimbursements. If the average is particularly low, this may also move nurses to look at their MMQ processes. 

On-Demand Reports for MMQ Massachusetts

  • Category Variance: This report lists each resident’s score, the score required for the next highest category and the difference between the two. The report also lists residents’ ID numbers and their location in the facility
  • Audit: This report lists all of the items missing in an MMQ
  • Submission: This report lists all MMQs in the Submission file, including recipient ID, location in facility, the reason for submission, effective date, category, and score
  • Blank MMQ: The blank MMQ can be used in long term care facilities and SNFs for manual data collection
  • MMQ Assessment: The MMQ Assessment is a one-page report showing all 24 items for each resident, including responses, scores, and category
Image of an audit report in MMQ. Audit messages are provided for various restorative nursing codes.
Image of the MMQ audit report.

NetSolutions’ MMQ Massachusetts Key Features

  • Updated for ICD-10 diagnosis codes
  • Meets all the requirements of MassHealth for submitting MMQs in a batch file
  • Audits for incomplete questionnaire items prior to submission
  • Displays the appropriate form when a Discharge MMQ is selected
  • Formats the submission to meet the requirements of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Automatically scores MMQ responses for long term care facilities, displaying subtotals, the grand total, and the associated category