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Access to Your Residents’ Latest Information Anytime, Anywhere

Online progress notes are a crucial part of an Electronic Health Record (EHR) – providing anytime anywhere access to your residents’ latest information. It maintains the integrity of records while increasing their accessibility and reducing staff time.

With the NetSolutions™ Interdisciplinary Progress Notes (IPN) application users can:

  • Eliminate handwritten notes in medical records
  • Organize all the progress notes for a resident chronologically, regardless of who or when it was created
  • Save time on writing and formatting by saving notes to a library as templates for re-use
  • Begin a note with resident’s name, ID number and location already entered
  • Categorize notes for easy retrieval and reporting

Add Maximum Value to Your Notes With User-Friendly Tools

It’s simple to add a note in IPN – just start typing and date/time and your ID are added automatically.

Add value to your note with IPN’s tools, such as:

  • Adding a Category for retrieving notes by topic
  • Link to a Care Plan Problem
  • Check IPN Guidelines for your facility’s best practices
  • Click Add to IPN Library to save it as a template.

With eDocs in your system, you can click “Attach eDocument” to add a photo. View/print notes, and if applicable, check PRN Results and Lab/Xray Results as references for your progress note. Spell check is available, which includes medical terms.

Categorizing Notes for Efficiency

MDS completion is quicker when your software assembles all notes on a resident and topic automatically. With Progress Notes you can retrieve notes according to the subject, such as falls, pain, or CAA. Users can also categorizes notes for incident reports, quality assurance activities, and reporting

Simplify Category Assignment

When adding a note, a category can be a required field. CAAs are already set up as categories; users can add other topics, such as MDS items. Find notes using search criteria such as date or span of dates, care plan problem number, type of note, and author.

Care Plan and Therapy Notes

Because NetSolutions IPN is integrated with Care Plan, users can link notes to a care plan problem number for a quick reference regarding residents’ care plan status.

With the NetSolutions interface to Therapute, users can import therapy notes to become part of residents’ EHRs and accessible to all authorized staff. Through the Therapute interface, reports can be imported to IPN including Certification and Recertification reports, Progress Report, and Discharge Summaries. Notes entered in Therapute can be imported as PDF files.

Avoid “Insufficient Documentation” Errors with Templates

Under the federal CERT Program, a random sample of Medicare claims is reviewed to determine if they were paid properly. If one of your claims is selected randomly, reviewers will request associated medical records and can determine that your claim has “insufficient documentation” errors, such as incomplete progress notes (notes that are unsigned, undated, or with insufficient detail). By using templates and automatic date stamping, users can avoid that kind of error.

After you write a note, with one click you can add it to your IPN library of note templates. In addition to the note text, you can assign categories, include guidelines for use, and insert prompts to make it easy to add appropriate text that individualizes a note based on a template from the library. Note templates can be shared between facilities.

Protect Your Electronic Health Records

Once a progress note has been saved, it cannot be edited or deleted. If necessary, a correction note can be added and attached to the original note, showing the type of correction.

This software encourages the entry of notes on your facility’s schedule: per shift, daily, weekly, or monthly. Facilities have the option of specifying a maximum number of elapsed minutes between the action and the note entry. The software will calculate whether the note was late.

Additional Features

  • Offers point-of-care charting that’s available anytime anywhere when loaded on a laptop or tablet PC with connection to your network
  • Protects charting integrity with correction notes
  • Indicates if notes are entered late, as an option
  • Saves notes that are started but not completed so they can be finished later. NetSolutions eAssignment can be set up to notify you of pending notes
  • Links electronic files, such as photos, when imported with NetSolutions eDocuments
  • Captures annotations made by resident and family members

System Information

Interdisciplinary Progress Notes is part of the single-database NetSolutions software system. An optional interface with Therapute for importing therapy notes in pdf format is available. It requires activation of the NetSolutions Exchange and an SSL security certificate.