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Connect to Laboratory and Radiology Companies for Fast Results

This interface displays Laboratory and Radiology results in your NetSolutions system. In addition to increasing access and efficiency in viewing results, the software gives the users to Trend and Graph Individual or multiple labs results.

A Powerful Integration Platform

NetSolutions offers a powerful, cloud-based healthcare integration platform that seamlessly connects multiple healthcare information systems.

NetSolutions offers a simple way for authorized staff to open test results. An icon in the navigation bar and Snapshot shows you if new results have arrived. Click on it to open a summary page with the latest and previous results. You can generate reports and identify trends by selecting specific results to view in a graph.

How it Works

NetSolutions eResults works by using Cantata Healths’ proprietary Exchange Platform to connect your NetSolutions system with the Laboratory and Radiology companies used by your facility. It then sends the results to NetSolutions.

Cantata Health has interfaces with many Lab and Radiology companies and the chances are good that your facility or hospital uses one of them. If not, we have the resources and technology to set up a new connection.

Benefits of eResults

  • Improves quality of care through quick access to results by authorized staff
  • Increases efficiency in receiving and communicating results – reduces trips to the fax machine
  • Provides interfaces today in preparation for an ever-expanding array of future connections
  • Complies with HIPAA regulations regarding audit, logging, and tracking
  • Requires no additional hardware

Additional Features

  • Displays lab and radiology results in NetSolutions with low and high range indication
  • Notifies you by icon alert in the navigation bar and Snapshot when results arrive
  • Shows more than one test result in a report
  • Offers role-based controls, providing different levels of access based on role, such as nurse
  • Displayed results allow for trending and graphing results and lab series
  • Generates result reports for printing or save as pdf

View lab and radiology results in your NetSolutions EMR

View a resident’s lab results along with helpful information including in range, out of range, reference range, and unit of measurement. NetSolutions makes the data available anytime anywhere to authorized individuals.