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eResults: Connect to Laboratory and Radiology Companies for Fast Results

The NetSolutions’ eResults interface stores laboratory and radiology results directly into the NetSolutions database system. This allows authorized caregivers, like nurses and physicians, to access eResults digitally while displaying trends, graphs, and results more quickly and efficiently.

A display of a recent eResults page, showing the look back period for labs and radiology results.
eResults allows caregivers to access the eResults immediately via advanced data-sharing capabilities.

eResults: Clinical Labs and Radiology Results Platform

NetSolutions offers a robust, cloud-based platform for eResults, clinical labs and radiology included, that seamlessly connects multiple healthcare information systems. No matter who your lab or radiology partner is, our eResults solution allows caregivers to access the eResults immediately via advanced data-sharing capabilities.

NetSolutions’ redesigned eResults solution provides a simple and efficient way for authorized staff to access test results via the newly improved workflow screen.

A display of the eResults test page showing radiology results.
Caregivers can use eResults to see the full results for different residents.

The new eResults grid feature includes an effective filtering system, allowing users to pick and choose which results they want to view. Users can filter specific results for labs or radiology tests using the new search and filter tool. Users can also customize their grid by hiding and moving columns, so the displayed data only presents what the user wants to see. Additionally, this custom display can be saved either as a default or to load.

A display of a list of tests per patient.
The new eResults grid feature has an effective search filtering system, so users can pick and choose which results they want to view.

For optimum convenience, NetSolutions’ easy navigation bar allows users to view multiple results on a single page, making it easier to view results in a well-organized workflow screen.

In addition to the redesigned eResults workflow screen, NetSolutions has enhanced the eResults reporting capabilities to generate reports and graphs with a few simple clicks. This allows users to customize and filter specific data preferences to display precise trends in organized and color-coded graphs and reports.

Color-coded graphs displaying clear lab results where users can hover over to see specific values.
Color-coded graphs and reports display precise trends.

To ensure users are always informed of the latest eResults, facilities can set up helpful alerts when abnormalities occur, allowing caregivers to act quickly. This valuable pop-up icon in the navigation bar alerts users when new results are received. Users simply need to click on the icon to open the results summary page, which will display a snapshot of all the previous and latest results.

alert for new eresults
Pop-up icon alerts can be set up to inform physicians of important notifications.

How NetSolutions’ eResults Work with National Clinical Labs and Radiology Companies

The redesigned NetSolutions eResults solution has been upgraded to connect directly with NetSolutions’ eResults. When connected, national clinical labs and radiology companies automatically populate into NetSolutions’ eResults.

Once the eResults are in the NetSolutions’ eResults, long-term care facilities can view the data and utilize it for Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are measured on their configurable dashboards or auto-trigger eAssignments.

kpi for incidents
eResults can be linked with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure results and targets.

Due to the high level of integration between Experience Care’s eResults and external lab or radiology results systems, skilled nursing facilities can seamlessly integrate with their lab and radiology results partners, making it easier to share and view important results.

Furthermore, Experience Care also has the resources and technology to create a new connection between long-term care facilities with their chosen lab and radiology partners, making it even easier to share and view eResults when needed.

An image of a resident's full results page.
Facilities can integrate with their lab and radiology results partners, making it easier to share and view important results.

The Benefits of eResults

A display of a recent eResults seach allowing users to select trend values for lab results.
Caregivers can search and filter specific results and set custom displays as a default for individual residents.
  • An advanced grid display: NetSolutions’ eResults has been designed with a left-to-right workflow, making it easier and faster to find results.
  • A customizable screen: With NetSolutions’ eResults, caregivers can search and filter specific results and set custom displays as a default. This allows users to view specific results more quickly.
  • Trending and graphing: Quickly display lab results in trends or graph format to identify possible issues.
  • Easy access to residents’ lab results: By connecting the NetSolutions’ eResults with lab and radiology partners, nurses and physicians can quickly access results from their facility, ensuring quick delivery of health services and treatments to residents.
  • Result reports: Results can be printed or saved as PDFs.
  • Notifications and alerts: These are displayed in the navigation bar and a snapshot when new results arrive.
  • Color-coded grids and graphs: This allows for a clear view of normal and abnormal results.
  • Remote access: With NetSolutions’ eResults, nurses and physicians can remotely access results from multiple devices (tablet, mobile, or PC)
  • Increased data security: As all records are electronic, NetSolutions’ eResults comes with encryption and firewalls that ensure only authorized staff can access resident results.
  • Role-based controls: Different levels of access according to role; this means that what a CNA sees can be different from what the director of nursing (DON) can see in their eResults system.

eResults Additional Features of eResults

  • View trending results: NetSolutions’ eResults allows caregivers to compare lab test results. For example, if a nurse has a lab result that was a CBC, and they want to see the results for the last five test results, the eResults platform can display multiple results on the same page, allowing users to compare the values quickly and easily.
  • Residents’ lab and radiology results are displayed in NetSolutions with low and high-range indications.
  • Customize the results grid display by setting filters, hiding columns, and reorganizing columns to view results in a specific format.
  • Graph-specific results so caregivers can view variances more quickly.
  • Stay in compliance with HIPAA regulations: When it comes to regulations regarding access, audits, logging, and tracking, NetSolutions’ eResults meets all the necessary HIPAA requirements and can help keep your facility compliant.
  • Make fewer calls and don’t waste time looking for the paper: With NetSolutions’ eResults, communication efficiency between the long-term care facility and the lab or radiology provider increases, as staff no longer need to travel to wait for calls or wait by the fax machine for results.
  • Use your own hardware: NetSolutions’ eResults does not require specialized hardware and is compatible with most existing computers in long-term care facilities. Minimal requirements do apply.

View compatible lab and radiology vendors with NetSolutions’ eResults

A display showing the latest eResults for a patient
NetSolutions’ eResults is compatible with certified lab and radiology vendors.

NetSolutions makes the eResults data available to authorized staff in long-term care facilities anytime, anywhere. Additionally, caregivers can view a resident’s lab and radiology results from our certified lab and radiology vendors.

A display of the eResults screen that authorized caregivers can see.
eResults can also be linked with existing or new PDPM plans.

Certified lab vendors:

  • Aculabs
  • Trident
  • Ellkay
  • Cerner
  • Regional Path Services
  • American Health Associated

Radiology providers:

  • Trident
  • Cerner