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Paperless Process for Medication Ordering and Re-Ordering

NetSolutions ePrescribing replaces trips to the fax machine to send pharmacy orders with electronic messages in the NCPDP SCRIPT standard format. As a paperless system, it works in the background to handle the process invisibly by following your rules. Reduce risk by eliminating illegible handwriting and transcription errors.

A Better Way to Connect to Your Pharmacy

With NetSolutions you have more ways to connect with your pharmacy. And we offer personalized advice from professionals who can discuss your options with you.

NetSolutions is an essential part of your facility’s ePrescribing process, it sends your orders, census data, resupply and cancel messages in a standard NCPDP SCRIPT 10.6 format to communicate with your pharmacy’s software system.

Pharmacy connection options

Your connection options depend on the software used by your pharmacy:

  • Direct connection between NetSolutions ePrescribing app and systems including Omnicare, FrameworkLTC, and PharMerica, see list below
  • If your pharmacy’s system is not one that offers direct connections, you can use PrescribersConnection to connect to a larger number of pharmacies, shown below.
  • PrescribersConnection also offers CPOE software that connects the LTC physician, pharmacy, and facility to transmit orders, including controlled substances through the PrescribersConnection LTC network.

NetSolutions ePrescribing and Direct Connections

With NetSolutions ePrescribing in your system, electronic messages are triggered automatically by software activity including new orders, reorders, discontinued orders, and ADT/census transactions. The messages are sent via NCPDP SCRIPT version 10.6.

A sample of existing pharmacy systems we send to are:

  • Omnicare – Oasis and OmniDX pharmacy software systems
  • FrameworkLTC/FrameworkERX pharmacy software
  • PharMerica pharmacy system
  • DocuTrack pharmacy software
  • QS1 PrimeCare pharmacy software

NetSolutions also offers the option of sending Census/ADT information via HL7 messages. Fees for custom development may be charged. ePrescribing complies with the “LTC Exception” rule, effective November 1, 2014.


NetSolutions is a certified partner on the PrescribersConnection network that connects LTC facilities and pharmacies. The following pharmacy systems are certified for PrescribersConnection or in the process of certifying:

  • Computer-Rx
  • Health Business Systems
  • Integra (Docutrack)
  • PharmcareUSA
  • Prodigy
  • QS/1
  • RNA Pharmacy Systems
  • Transaction Data Systems (Rx30)
  • Thrifty White

PrescribersOrder: CPOE Software that Includes Physicians

PrescriberConnection also offers PrescribersOrders software, a CPOE app designed for LTC physicians and facilities who are not able to electronically connect to their LTC pharmacy. It provides real-time communication between the facility, LTC physician, and pharmacy.

PrescribersConnection leases its software to any prescriber serving a facility using NetSolutions. Orders and census transactions are then sent electronically from NetSolutions to both the pharmacy and prescriber. New orders are sent only to the prescriber, who then electronically signs/approves the order, which is then sent to the pharmacy.

This software has been DEA certified by the Drummond Group.

For more information on the PrescribersConnection, see the separate document or visit their website:

How NetSolutions ePrescribing Works

NetSolutions ePrescribing works by using the information set up in your system for each pharmacy and resident. Each resident’s profile identifies the pharmacy used by the resident. The pharmacy’s master information includes whether they can communicate electronically via NCPDP messages. When setting up the pharmacy profiles, facility staff choose how they want to send orders and census messages to that pharmacy.

Reorders: Easy as Shopping Online

You can reorder medications for a resident from Physician Orders or eMAR. Your request is added to a searchable list you can review before sending it to the pharmacy. For quick reference, an online prescription history is available.

When you click to process the reorder request, the order is put into the format for NCPDP SCRIPT and sent to the pharmacy. You are alerted if there are any difficulties transmitting the order.

Key Features in NetSolutions ePrescribing

New Orders: One-Step Process

When a new medication order is added in NetSolutions Physician Orders, ePrescribing checks the resident’s setup pharmacy information and immediately sends the information. You are alerted if any required data is missing or if the pharmacy was unable to receive the order.

Census Information

Certain census or resident status changes made in NetSolutions trigger ePrescribing to send a message to the pharmacy to keep the resident’s profile current. Examples include new admit, return from hospital, change in allergy, change in attending physician, and discharge.

Canceling Orders

When an order is canceled/discontinued, the system automatically sends an electronic message to the pharmacy. If order information is changed, ePrescribing automatically sends the pharmacy a Cancel electronic message and then a New Prescription message.

Limited-time Prescriptions

According to the facility’s setup instructions, when an order is entered with a future stop date, the system either sends a Cancel message today or sends the Cancel message on the stop date.


These reports are sent to pharmacies as appropriate. They may be viewed online, exported as pdf files, and printed: Resident Census Information and Pharmacy Request.

Pharmacy Health Information Exchange

In addition to sending messages directly to pharmacies, NetSolutions ePrescribing can connect facilities with the Pharmacy Health Information Exchange. The exchange receives electronic messages from the facility and forwards them to pharmacies.

Supporting the unique needs of LTC: possible LTC NCPDP SCRIPT messages

NetSolutions was the first e-prescribing solution certified using Long-Term Care message elements to facilitate the secure, electronic transmission of the following NCPDP SCRIPT messages:

  • New prescription
  • Resupply/refill medication request
  • Fill Status from the pharmacy to the facility
  • Census/ADT information on the resident from the facility
  • Cancel/discontinue prescription.

System Requirements

NetSolutions ePrescribing requires the use of the current release of NetSolutions, the NetSolutions Physician Orders application, and the full NDC Library that is included with Physician Orders.