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Medication Information When and Where It’s Needed

Get easy access to information on medications, including Drug Interactions, Black Box Warnings, Clinical Teaching, Resident Education, and DrugPoints.

By providing critical information on your residents’ medications, NetSolutions Clinical Decision Support reduces the risk of medication errors in Long-Term and Post-Acute Care. It gives you instant access to the following information on medications at order entry, medication administration when discussing the medication with a resident, and when the resident discharges.

  • Black Box Warning: You can access Black Box Warnings from eMAR or the Order Entry screen with a link to the IBM Micromedix® database. These warnings are required to be available when administering meds. Online warnings replace hard copies nurses currently use.
  • DrugPoints®: includes dosage, contraindications, warnings, interactions, adverse effects and other information that you can link to from eMAR or the Order Entry screen
  • Clinical Teaching: Items to discuss with residents during medication administration, such as side effects. Reach it through a link from eMAR or the Order Entry screen
  • Drug Interactions: Anytime a new medication or allergy is entered in Physician Orders it is automatically checked against all active medications, and findings are displayed.
  • Resident Education: Information is written for the consumer for use at discharge or on-demand


The DrugPoints® section gives you access to the exact level of drug information you need to do your job. It helps healthcare professionals prescribe, administer, and monitor drugs safely and efficiently. Information is organized into these categories:

  • Dosing and Indications
  • Contraindications
  • Precautions
  • Drug Interactions: Contraindicated, Major, Moderate, Mild
  • Adverse Effects: Common, Serious
  • Name Information: U.S. Trade Names, Class Registration Status, Generic Availability
  • Mechanism of Action
  • Administration / Monitoring
  • How Supplied
  • Toxicology: clinical effects, treatment of exposure, range of toxicity

Drug Interactions

This application screens medications for the interactions you select in your facility’s master setup. Your choices include:

  • Drug – Drug interaction
  • Drug – Allergy interaction
  • Drug – Lab interaction
  • Drug – Disease interaction
  • Drug – Food alerts
  • Therapeutic duplication
  • Ingredient duplication

Your facility selects one, some, or all of the above as default screenings. You also can choose a severity level for the screening, such as moderate or higher, contraindicated, major or higher, minor, or all. For a specialized screening, such as lab interactions, you can run a separate report.

Anytime a new medication or allergy is entered, the system checks it against all active medications. You also can screen drugs on demand and at the point of administration with NetSolutions eMAR.


All resident allergies are treated as contraindications. When you add or edit an order and the resident has an allergy interaction, a summary report displays with the contraindication text in red. To continue adding the order, you must enter override information.

An allergy database with a search function is included. Access to the master list is protected by a password to control the ability to edit the list. The module checks against allergies entered in the system using allergy codes that you can select from a drop-down list.

Resident Education

Use the Resident Education information included with the application to improve your process for providing medication information to residents at discharge or on request. The information is written for the consumer in language that is easily understood. The reports give a summary list of medications and full details, including:

  • Directions for use
  • Brand names
  • Purpose of drug
  • When not to use the medication
  • What to do if a dose is missed
  • How to store and dispose
  • Drugs and foods to avoid
  • Warnings while using medication
  • Possible side effects

System Requirements

With NetSolutions Clinical Decision Support you connect from NetSolutions through the Internet to the IBM Micromedix® Watson database. It requires the use of the current release of NetSolutions Physician Orders that includes the complete NDC Library.