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A More Efficient Form of Internal Communication With Individuals or Groups

No more forgotten tasks or missed messages. Improve your internal communications with one easy to use notification, task management, and messaging system. Finally, there’s an easier way to stay on top of MDS due dates, progress note documentation, and changes in conditions.

With eAssignments’ built-in on-demand reports, you can see everything you need at a glance to make sure your team is always on track.

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Three Times The Value

eAssignments is an internal message system that provides three robust tools in one simplified system.

Streamline Internal Communication

Assign and Manage Tasks

Receive Important Alerts

eAssignments automatically scans your NetSolutions system, to provide updates, alerts, and options based on events, and your individualized set up preferences.

And with remote access anytime, anywhere from Windows computers, laptops, and tablets connected to your network, you can get a notification, assign a task, or send a message no matter where you are.

Messages Generated by People and by Software Triggers

Easily create messages to anyone

eAssignments adds electronic communication to your Electronic Medical Records (EMR), replacing less efficient ways of reaching individuals and groups of coworkers who work in different parts of the building, or on different shifts.

Automatically receive alert messages triggered by EMR events

eAssignments helps improve quality of care by scanning EMRs for triggers of events such as infection type occurring, change in level of care, or when lab and x-ray tests are due. With eAssignment, you’ll never be the last to know about important resident-centered changes.

Learn more about eAssignments notification features

eAssignment Messaging Features

  • Send messages to staff members by their position, location, shift, or custom groups.
  • Standardize message details with a drop-down list of options.
  • Seamlessly add documents to messages and tasks using eDocuments.
  • Shows a preview with an indicator icon when a new message arrives.
  • Message text style and color changes to indicate the status.
  • Easily differentiate between general and resident-specific messages.
  • Escalate a message automatically.
  • Automatically receive important alert messages triggered by EMR events.

A Better Way to Manage Tasks

Our intuitive task management system with robust collaboration tools helps you easily stay up to date on your to-do list and work with your team members to do the same.

the eAssginments collaboration functionality was purposefully built alongside its messaging and notification features, so all of your communication is connected.

eAssignment Task Management Features

  • Assign and manage tasks for yourself or others.
  • Add task status, due date/time, and other details.
  • Add subtasks to keep tasks organized.
  • Real-time updates notify you when someone updates a task.
  • Send task assignments from your inbox in the same way you would send a message.
  • As work progresses, you can reply with updates.
  • Automatically inform the assigned when a task is marked complete.
  • Task status is indicated by color, so you can see quickly assess your list.
  • Sort task messages by resident, staff member assigned, and message type.

Automated Your Notifications

eAssignments notifications are triggered by events in the EMRs, census changes, and more, so you’ll know about important information immediately.

Customized notification triggers

You can determine what events should result in a notification by setting up your custom triggers, such as resident conditions that need your attention.

Auto-generated alerts

To create system-generated messages, eAssignments scans NetSolutions clinical applications, looking for activity that matches scenarios and dates set up in master files, such as

  • An MDS 3.0 due date
  • Assessments to be completed at admission
  • Late medication
  • PRN charting not entered
  • An incomplete or pending progress note

When one of these triggers occurs, eAssignments automatically sends a message according to your configuration preferences.

Your preferences determine when to send the message, who to send it to, and whether to send copies to other staff.

Use pop-up alerts, SMS text, or email

Using eAssignments you can display messages via pop-up alerts, SMS text messaging, or via email, so you always have the communication options that work best for you.

Easy forwarding options

With options to forward messages and alerts to others on your team, you can keep everyone on your team up-to-date without any extra effort.

Message Escalation

When you set up a task, you can include a required time period for completion. If the task is not complete within that limit, eAssignments can automatically escalate the task by sending an alert to another staff member.

Alerts Triggered by Actions in Other Areas of The NetSolutions System

eAssignments is an interconnected system that allows alerts to be triggered by events in multiple NetSolutions system areas and modules such as:

  • ADT
  • Physicians Orders
  • eCharting with eMAR
  • User-Defined Assessments
  • IPN
  • Care Plan, Vitals
  • Interdisciplinary Progress Notes
  • Quality Assurance with Infection Control and Incident Reporting
  • MDS 3.0

Learn more about our robust and flexible alert triggers for each of these modules below.

Alerts for Census Changes

With our ADT (Admit Discharge Transfer) module, you set up if, and to whom, eAssignments should send messages according to specific events such as:

  • Admission, discharge, or bed hold
  • Diagnosis is added or resolved for a resident
  • Newly admitted resident needs a UDA admission assessment completed
  • Change in the level of care or location

Learn more about our ADT module

Track Pharmacy, Lab, and X-ray Orders

In the NetSolutions system, orders for medications, treatments, lab tests, and x-ray images are entered into the Physician Orders module. eAssignments scans for triggers that you’ve set up and sends alerts, such as for late medications or unfinished PRN charting.

  • eAssignments can be used to set up triggers for due dates for lab collection, x-ray image, lab results, and x-ray results.
  • If the expected elapsed time is exceeded, eAssignments will send an alert.
  • If an order entry is paused, eAssignments will remind you after a specified elapsed time.

Learn more about our Physician Orders Module

Notifications When Treatments or Medications are Missed

eAssignments connects with the NetSolutions eCharting (eMAR/eTAR) module to send automated reminders for late or missed medications and treatments, or to chart PRN results if they are forgotten. eAssignments also alerts nurses to off-site orders, needed reviews, or orders that need to be noted.

Learn more about our eCharting (eMAR/eTAR) module

Assessment Notifications

Through a connection to Minimum Data Set (MDS) 3.0, eAssignments can notify staff of an upcoming assessment, past-due assessment, and Significant Change assessment. When an MDS 3.0 completion date (Z0500B) is entered, eAssignment automatically checks for improvement or decline in two or more areas of MDS 3.0 or CMS 672-802 forms, following the F274 Significant Change guidelines.

Learn more about our Minimum Data Set integration

Admission and Follow Up Alerts

If certain User-Defined Assessments (UDAs) are associated with admission, eAssignment will send a message when a resident is admitted. You can also choose to notify staff when a UDA assessment type includes entries for an upcoming, due, or past due follow up.

Learn more about our User-Defined Assessments module

Vitals Signs Alerts

NetSolutions maintains baseline and minimum/maximum values for residents’ vital signs. eAssignments scans the system as vitals are entered and sends messages if the minimum/maximum has been exceeded for weight, temperature, pulse, blood glucose, respiration, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and level of consciousness.

Notifications Based on Note Details

In the Interdisciplinary Progress Notes (IPN) module, eAssignments looks for certain categories of notes, such as pressure ulcers, falls, dental care, and dehydration. When one of these is entered, eAssignments sends a message to the people and/or positions you’ve selected to be notified.

Learn more about our Interdisciplinary Progress Notes (IPN) module

Infection and Incident Event Alerts

Utilizing the connection with the Quality Assurance module, eAssignments notification triggers can be set up for each type of infection and incident. Alerts for infections and incidents are triggered when an event occurs, a report is complete, or an infection or incident is reported to outside agencies.

Learn more about our Quality Assurance module

On-Demand Reports

eAssignments has several built-in reports

  • Task Report: A list of tasks assigned organized by originator, resident, recipient, group of staff or type (such as care plan, MDS due), date and time, and status.
  • Quick Print Report: An easy way to print the current task displayed on the screen, or to print all open messages.
  • Inactive Users Report: Identifies any messages for outstanding tasks assigned to users who are no longer active in the system.