Get Your Customized Long-Term Care KPI Dashboard

View key metrics at a glance with a KPI dashboard built specifically for your long-term care facility. Quickly find missing documentation, changes in conditions, and state survey requirements.

The best part? This dashboard integrates seamlessly with our EMR, ADT, and clinical applications.

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    Let Your KPI Dashboard Do the Work for You

    resident verification

    Performance Enhancement

    Set and monitor key performance indicators to improve your facility’s operational efficiency.

    dose verification

    Data-Driven Insights

    Instantly view incident reports and align data interpretation with your organizational goals.
    gear settings

    Get Ahead of Compliance Issues

    Navigate state survey requirements effortlessly and set specific KPIs to steer clear of penalties.

    Monthly QAPI Reports

    Track clinical conditions with automated Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement reports.
    personalize your clinical oversight

    Get the Clinical Data You Need

    Personalize your clinical monitoring in the dashboard for your care setting and the specific needs of your residents.

    Our KPI professionals listen to you and note your goals and the metrics that matter most to you. The development team then builds the dashboard in accordance with your requests. 

    The result? A fully-customized KPI dashboard that allows you to see all of your preconfigured categories on one screen. Book a free consultation

    Never Miss a Critical Assessment Again

    Receive timely notifications for reviews to ensure that resident care remains consistent.

    Your KPI Dashboard software includes an innovative badge alert system that notifies the interdisciplinary team of pressing issues, like abnormal vital signs, falls, and safety interventions.

    And you can customize KPI visibility based on roles so that each member of the team has immediate access to the most relevant KPIs for their function. Learn more

    stay alert stay informed
    cms quality measures at your fingertips

    CMS Quality Measures at Your Fingertips

    Get immediate access to vital data and maintain the highest standard of care.

    Want to be better informed about what goes on in your building? Let’s chat.

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