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At Experience Care, we recognize that the long-term care staffing crisis has made it imperative for nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other long-term care providers to make the most of their staffing resources. 

That is why we have partnered with SchedulePop, which makes for better shift scheduling and improved staff management strategies in order to maintain the quality of care for residents. This powerful nursing home scheduling software reduces the challenges that come with fewer staff members available to cover shifts.

SchedulePop is an end-to-end easy shifts management platform that seamlessly integrates with NetSolutions EHR to make it easier than ever for healthcare professionals to streamline their work processes and reduce administrative burdens. Whether you’re managing scheduling, payroll, or employee behavior tracking, SchedulePop makes it simple to get the information you need in real time. 

Some of the benefits of SchedulePop include:

Easy Shifts Scheduling From a User-friendly Interface

SchedulePop makes it easy to create and manage shift schedules for your entire staff. With SchedulePop’s user-friendly interface, you can quickly and easily create custom shifts that accomodate your team’s availability.

Schedulepop Schedule Builder

Effective Staff Management and Certification Verification

Improve staff management with an easy-to-use interface with quality controls. You will no longer have to worry about which staff members have the qualifications to be on a certain shift, as SchedulePop will alert you when a staff member lacks certification.

Schedulepop Alerts and warnings

Whenever you add a staff member to a shift, SchedulePop determines if have a conflicting shift or a certification error and displays a warning message.

warning message

Enhanced Care Coordination with Instant Messaging

Easily coordinate care by analyzing resident care plans and sending messages to staff members, all from the NetSolutions interface. Furthermore, thanks to the availability of a SchedulePop nurse scheduling app, you can be sure that communications are quickly sent to staff on their personal devices.

Overtime Management With Effective Shift Analysis

Both nurses and shift managers will have access to this staff scheduling software. As a result, not only can you manage the overtime hours at your facility, but staff can also request extra shifts or time off.

Meanwhile, you and your shift manager(s) can enjoy the convenience of automated analysis of shifts on your dashboard, which enables the quick approval of requests and assignments.

Schedulepop personal time management screen

Error-Free Shift Swapping

If one of your nurses is available for a scheduled shift due to personal circumstances (an illness or family problems), your staff can simply request shift swaps with their colleagues using SchedulePop. And only those with proper qualifications can swap shifts, ensuring resident care is not interrupted.

Schedulepop shift swapping screen 1

Schedule Alerts and Guarantee They Are Acknowledged

Instantly send companywide alerts to your team or schedule future alerts for a select few members of your staff using SchedulePop. And thanks to the availability of the app, you can rest easy knowing that your staff will receive the alert as a notification on their personal devices.

Early access to earned wages

Financial staff can easily track the number of shifts worked and the number of hours worked using SchedulePop. As a result, your nurses can get paid for their shifts before the end of the month. This improves employee satisfaction and retention, as nurses will appreciate the convenience of being able to get paid for their shifts when they need it.

Affordable pricing structure

Unlike other scheduling software for nursing homes, SchedulePop gives a flat fee based on bed numbers, not the number of staff members involved or the number of messages sent.

  • Onboarding cost – $400 flat fee
  • Monthly fees based on the number of beds:
    • 10 – 50 beds – $150/mo
    • 51 – 75 – $200
    • 75 – 100 – $300
    • 100+ – $350 + $3/bed for each additional bed over 10

Discounted price through NetSolutions Integration

Thanks to NetSolutions’ partnership with SchedulePop, you can access this management platform at a discounted rate. Want to know just how much you will save? Click Here to learn more.