eMAR Software for Fast and Accurate Medication Verification

Using this eMAR system, nurses can verify the resident, dose, route, time, date, and medication before administering medication.

Equip your facility with paperless point-of-service documentation, reducing medication errors and enhancing resident care in your facility.

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    Checks and Balances for Reduced Errors and Enhanced Care

    resident verification

    Resident Verification

    Verifies the resident’s identity using unique identifiers, ensuring the right resident gets the right medication.

    dose verification

    Dose Verification

    Cross-checks the prescribed dose in the resident’s electronic record with that you’re about to administer.

    time verification

    Time Verification

    Mandates verification of the correct time for medication administration, ensuring accurate medication intervals.

    medication verification

    Medication Verification

    Cross-references the medication to be administered with the medication recorded in the resident’s records.

    enjoy accurate faster documentation

    Enjoy Accurate, Faster Documentation

    The eCharting system offers a powerful, digital alternative to traditional paper-based documentation

    Using this electronic system, nurses in your facility can input information directly into a digital database, reducing the risk of transcription errors that often occur with handwritten paper records.

    With this paperless point-of-service documentation, you can now accelerate the process of recording and retrieving resident information. Book a consultation to find out how.

    Access Resident Information at Your Convenience

    Your eMAR software can be installed on various devices, including work computers, smartphones, and tablets.

    With your eMAR software installed on portable devices, you can readily access resident records, no matter where you are.

    Thanks to portability, nurses at your facility can now update records in real-time as they administer medication, reducing time spent on administrative tasks and allowing more time for resident care. Learn more by talking to us.

    access resident information at your convenience
    navigate an easy to use user interfance

    Navigate an Easy To Use User Interface

    Your software comes with a suite of features designed to optimize its usability for nurses.

    Are you interested in faster medication administration, less errors and accurate documentation for your facility? Talk to us.

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