An EHR That Can Keep Up With You.

Get ready for faster communication and easily-accessible resident documentation. Improve your processes with resident alerts and notifications, point of care charting, direct entry of physician orders, and care plan entry and tracking.

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    What Other Senior Living Providers Say About Our EHR

    active care

    “Census reports are so much clearer, and it has all the information I need to confirm that the data is correct… The reconciliations are easy. The statements are easy to generate.”


    “In the building that went from paper to electronic using Experience Care, I can tell you that their compliance with charting is 96 to 100 percent on a daily basis, whereas my other buildings are looking at 60 percent and 70 percent on a daily basis.”

    atrium health

    “At Atrium Health, we have been completely satisfied with the technical services. Our issues are addressed promptly and with the requested priority level. Members of the technical team are always timely in answering questions and communicating updates.”


    Save over 40 hours a month on billing.


    Compliance will improve by up to 96 percent.


    Enjoy 24/7 customer support for all your technical needs.


    Connect Your Systems for Immediate Access to Resident Data

    Transfer resident history to your care plans

    Experience Care is not just a digital repository of health information; it’s an interconnected ecosystem where your residents’ data is intimately linked with workflows, care plans, and decision-making tools.

    Our state-of-the-art technology makes for a better decision-making process and also fills in communication gaps in your facility. Schedule a free consultation to find out how.

    Staying in Compliance Has Never Been Easier.

    Get an EHR that acts as a Data Exchange Platform and directly transmits HIPAA-compliant emails.

    Ensure that all communications with care partners adhere to the stringent privacy and security regulations.

    Get a referral portal that gets your entire team on the same page by quickly sharing the information they need to make decisions about patients. Learn more.


    Better Reporting. More Efficient Workflows.

    Easily identify operational oversight, lack of regulatory compliance, occupancy improvement, and re-hospitalization reduction.

    Looking to document care and communicate with your team more quickly? 

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