Seamless Communication & Task Management with eAssignment Software

Say goodbye to missed messages and forgotten tasks. This platform ensures that every important update reaches you in real-time. Experience a revolution in internal communication tailored for long-term care nurses like you.

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    Why Choose This eAssignment and Messaging Software?

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    Streamlined Task Management

    Assign, manage, and track tasks with real-time updates. Color-coded statuses, due dates, and subtasks ensure you never miss a beat.
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    Automated Notifications

    Stay informed with notifications triggered by EMR events, census changes, and more. Choose from pop-up notifications, SMS, or email.
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    Enhanced Messaging

    Send messages based on position, location, or shift. Attach documents, and ensure important alerts escalate automatically.

    Integration Excellence

    Seamlessly integrate with the NetSolutions system, triggering alerts from modules like ADT, Physicians Orders, eCharting, and more
    a personal digital assistant

    A Personal Digital Assistant

    This eAssignment software is equipped with a robust reporting system that allows nurses to generate comprehensive reports instantly
    You can now monitor tasks, track progress, and make informed decisions based on real-time data, whether you’re an administrator overseeing a facility or a nurse tracking your own tasks. Additionally, your eAssignment software offers remote access capabilities, ensuring that you remain connected irrespective of your location.   Book a consultation to find out how.

    Task Management Perfected

    Your e-Assignment software offers you a suite of features tailored to optimize efficiency and organization.
    Your eAssignment software is designed to operate in real-time, ensuring that every change, assignment, or update is instantly reflected across the platform. Beyond just task management, the software emphasizes organization and efficiency by offering features such as task sorting based on various parameters such as resident, staff member, or message type, and enhanced features like color-coded statuses, which provide a visual representation of task progress or priority. Learn more by talking to us.
    task management perfected
    automated notifications

    Automated Notifications

    Always stay informed with an automated notification system designed to keep nurses proactive, responsive, and always ahead of the curve.
    Join the revolution in long-term care communication. Book a consultation now and discover how eAssignment & Messaging can redefine your daily routine.
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