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A Four-Decade Long Partnership

Case Study

By Dr. Cameron Zargar

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    This assistant controller turned to Experience Care
    in the early 1980s and never looked back.

    Business Problem

    Janice Klein and the team at Seashore Gardens needed an EHR that would make sense for a nonprofit organization, in terms of both cost and a personalized customer experience.


    The New Jersey-based nursing home found a true partner in Experience Care, which, for forty years, has proven to be trustworthy and willing to accommodate the changing needs of Seashore’s facilities.


    In 1982, Seashore Gardens Living Center, located in Galloway Township, New Jersey, wanted to make the move from paper to electronic. But the nonprofit organization was operating under budget constraints and needed a long-term care software system that was reasonably priced. Further, the team at Seashore wanted a reliable EHR partner. They found both attributes in Experience Care and feel the same way four decades later.


    Choosing the Right EHR

    Janice Klein remembers when the team at Seashore Gardens was looking to move to electronic health records back in 1982. In fact, her husband was one of the primary decision-makers. And there were two things the team was looking at: price and reliability.

    Better Value

    Being a non-profit organization, Seashore Gardens had to factor the overall cost into their decision. “Price was a big thing,” Klein said. “And the price [of Experience Care’s product] is extremely competitive.” It is for this reason that the assistant controller has recommended the EHR vendor to other non-profit organizations in her region for decades.

    “The price [of Experience Care’s product] is extremely competitive.”

    A Software System You Can Trust

    The attribute that Klein would use to best describe Experience Care is reliable. This is because she knows that she can count on the EHR vendor in every way possible. “Our satisfaction with the reliability of the service, the software, the customer service has been a strong influence on the administrators and consideration when they’ve looked into other systems,” she said. “We feel that it’s very reliable. The company is reliable. And we’ve seen that reliability and continuity throughout the duration of our shared history.”

    One thing that stood out to Klein was the high functionality of the software. “I don’t recall really having any glitches,” she said. “And if we have a problem, it could be our own input or that we have keyed in something wrong and just are become blind to our own mistakes. But it’s some very easy software to work with.” The assistant controller also appreciates the ease by which she can navigate Experience Care’s system. “I like the way it flows between the financial and the nursing records,” she said. “It’s a system that makes it easy to access both.”

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    The Growth of a Partnership

    In the course of using Experience Care, Seashore Gardens has seen the EHR vendor continue to develop its software in accordance with the needs of its users. “Over the decades, it’s absolutely become much more accommodating for our uses,” Klein said. She mentioned the smooth transition from DOS to Windows before adding that the software is “very vendor friendly.”

    "Over the decades, it's absolutely become much more accommodating for our uses."

    Thanks to Experience Care’s willingness to update its systems and clearly convey those changes to users, new government policies have not posed a problem at Seashore. “As Medicare Medicaid became more complicated by government issues, everything has eased in a very comfortable fashion,” she said. “It is such that if we had to train a new person who came from an entirely different venue, it has not been difficult at all for them to fall into place with these programs.”

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    Real Support From Real People

    Non-profit organizations do not always have the luxury of spending significant time troubleshooting software issues. “In the nonprofit world, time is money,” said Klein. “And now there’s so much additional documentation with COVID.” That is why she is pleased with her EHR partner, as Experience Care has helped resolve matters quickly. “Besides guiding us with the system, [the support team] has almost educated us at the same time with some information. So that, to me, is priceless. When there’s a major issue, they can solve it for us instead of us just spinning our wheels. That three, four hours [that we save] is absolutely critical.”

    Customer Service Will Take It From Here

    Klein shared that the service team at Experience Care saves her from spending three or four hours when problems occur. “Right from the get-go, we have been extremely pleased, which is more than I can say for dealing with Medicare or the government,” she said. “We never have a long turnaround time, even if the issue has to be researched or is perhaps a little unusual.”

    And that sort of customer service is saving Klein and her team a good amount of hours. “Recently we had rate changes with the federal government and our own private room changes, which take us six or eight hours to input,” she said. “But the service reps will give us a turnaround time of a few hours. They can save you three or four hours easily, if not more. And we don’t have to worry about the accuracy.”

    “The service team can save you three or four hours [troubleshooting] easily, if not more.”

    She described that, when she contacts the support team with an issue, she gets an almost immediate response to her email, and a ticket is placed. “I will email my issue directly to Joan, and she emails me back within minutes,” Klein said. “I then get a follow-up call and the suggestion to call back if something was unclear.” Then, “within a very short time,” Klein receives a status update and a time to expect the issue to be corrected. “The communication occurs in a very, very small time frame, maybe a half an hour to two hours at most.”

    The issue is then resolved rapidly. “There’s never a long wait time at all,” Klein said. “Whether it’s in my co-workers who work in the payables or anyone else, [our team has found that] everyone is extremely, extremely accommodating, knowledgeable, and willing to guide us.”

    Further, the Seashore team is always kept in the loop and made aware of the progress that is being made. “The communication is outstanding,” Klein said. “We’re never just left holding the bag. There’s constant communication, if not instantaneous, with the service reps. And that has been a very favorable situation.”

    A Familiar Face

    One of the most appealing attributes of Experience Care for a non-profit like Seashore is the close and personal relationships developed between vendor and customer. “They are extremely familiar with most of my dealings from the past,” Klein said. “Anyone I’ve dealt with has been extremely helpful, even if we were in a panic situation, so to speak. They’ve always put us at ease calmed us down and always really bent over backward to help us.” She has found that this facilitates the process of communicating matters to administrators and other decision-makers.