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Better Training. Greater Compliance.

Case Study

By Dr. Cameron Zargar

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    This Clinical Informatics Specialist Saw Compliance Improve by up to 40 Percent

    Business Problem

    Erin Blunt, a clinical informatics specialist at Providence Home and Community Care, was spending a great deal of time training nurses on EHR but still seeing compliance issues.


    By using LevelUp, a free online training resource, Blunt saves time and has seen compliance jump significantly.


    Blunt is responsible for training new nurses at eight facilities on Providence’s EHR system. That used to mean she would have to spend six to eight hours every other week walking four to five nurses through the software. Even then, the facilities still lagged behind in terms of compliance. Now she simply has them participate in LevelUp’s free courses and has seen 90 to 100 percent compliance at the facilities that take advantage of this program.

    more effective teaching tools

    More Effective Teaching Tools

    CNAs retain what they learn

    Erin Blunt has her hands full as the clinical informatics specialist for Providence Home and Community Care. She is the system administrator, which means she builds UDAs and care plan libraries. But she is also responsible for moving nine facilities from paper to electronic health records and standardizing the onboarding program. Despite her efforts, these buildings were still not achieving ideal levels of compliance. 

    Then, in May of 2021, Blunt began using the beta version of LevelUp, a revolutionary educational program that trains everyone from CNAs to business office managers on using Experience Care’s software. And she is raving about the results. “It’s amazing for CNAs,” she said. “It’s a great process for [learning how to use] point of care.”

    “[LevelUp] is amazing for CNAs.”

    Erin Blunt, data analyst, Providence Home and Community Care

    The staff who use LevelUp are both learning more quickly and retaining the material at a far higher rate, according to Blunt. “They have a better understanding of how to know where they are [in the EHR], what’s required, and how to double-check that they get their work done,” she said. “So they have a better understanding of what they need to do, when they need to do it, and how to make sure they did it before they leave.” After students have completed their LevelUp training and the concepts have been “solidified in their minds,” Blunt and other experts review important points in training.

    Blunt shared an example of an RN at one of her facilities who made great progress after moving to LevelUp training. “Initially, I felt like I did not give her enough training,” she said. “I felt like I didn’t spend enough time with her.” Then she introduced the RN to LevelUp. “I told her this is just a reinforcement,” she said. “But it allowed me to identify her weaknesses, and I’ve not seen nearly the issues in corrections.” No longer does Blunt have to audit charts or remind this RN of the facility’s processes.

    A hands-on approach to EHR training 

    Upon first implementing LevelUp at her facilities, Blunt was impressed with the high level of engagement that it demands from users. Unlike previous approaches to training, LevelUp is not a mere formality. “It asks follow up questions and is interactive,” she said. “So there’s less ability to just close your eyes and click your way through it, which is everybody’s preferred method of doing their education.”

    Further, trainees are required to take a final exam. This comes in handy during surveys, Blunt said. “When you get into CMS and they ask, ‘How do you know your staff is trained?’, you can show them that information,” she said. Such digital documentation is easier to track, she added. 


    Less time spent in group environments 

    Previously, Blunt would have to dedicate a significant portion of her week to EHR training. “When I would hold a class with four or five nurses every other week, that would take six to eight hours,” she said. “So LevelUp is saving me four hours a week. And if there are more nurses, then that group training takes even more time, because you have to make sure everyone understands the material.” Now things move much more quickly. “With the LevelUp program, they can go in and work at their own speed, which means they’re not waiting for me to troubleshoot computer issues or for [me to accomodate] those who struggle or fail to pass a course.”

    “LevelUp is saving me four hours [of training] a week.”

    Because of the ability to allow users to make progress individually, Blunt has more time to improve one-on-one training. “We can really tailor our training now,” she said. “LevelUp reduces my involvement to oversight. I can just go in and identity the areas that need to be improved or expanded.” She simply welcomes a new nurse, gives him or her the login information, and asks them to go to LevelUp’s site.


    Drastically Better Compliance

    Not only are LevelUp trainees learning to use Experience Care’s EHR more quickly, but they are charting better. Blunt shared astonishing stats about the compliance at her facilities before and after using the free online training courses. “In the building that went from paper to electronic using LevelUp, I can tell you that their compliance with charting is 96 to 100 percent on a daily basis, whereas my other buildings are looking at 60 percent and 70 percent on a daily basis,” she said. “I’m not kidding. It’s a big, big difference.”

    “In the building that went from paper to electronic using LevelUp, I can tell you that their compliance with charting is 96 to 100 percent on a daily basis, whereas my other buildings are looking at 60 percent and 70 percent on a daily basis.”

    This surge in compliance can be attributed to nurses and CNAs better understanding what needs to be done. “They have a better understanding of where they are [in the software], what’s required, how to double check, when things need to be done, and how to make sure it’s done before they leave for the day,” she said. 

    To expedite your EHR training process and improve charting, click here to use LevelUp today.