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Make Better and Faster Decisions About Referrals. As a Team

Are you looking to communicate more effectively and efficiently with hospitals to get the referrals you want, when you want them?

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What to Expect


Optimize your census

Build stronger referral relationships, higher star ratings, and—most importantly—a healthier community.

Determine perfect-fit prospects

Aligns a resident’s need with your facility’s unique specialties and increase opportunities to improve your quality of care.

Quickly access the availability threshold

Securely access the site via a tablet or computer, even remotely, to only admit residents you can adequately accommodate in terms of both available beds and human resources.

Spot “red flags” sooner

Identify important information in residents’ records to avoid acquisitions and incorrect admissions that could jeopardize your facility financially, reputationally, or legally.
“Before [we moved to Experience Care, CNAs] had to push aside some of their daily work. But now they can focus on getting out there in the hall with the residents and the nurses and being a bit more hands-on.”

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Ayisha Bradley

QA informatics technician at Care Centers, Johnson City, Tennessee

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